Thieves ransack church, drink wine at alter, steal robe

IN AN act abominable even in a secular setup, thieves have ransacked a church in Kitwe and targeted the most sacred possession wine for Holy Communion.

After gulping the wine in what was ostensibly a mini-party at the alter, the thieves gathered enough devilish courage to steal roofing sheets, a video camera, megaphone, plates for the lord’s Table and even the special garment for priests, reports Zambia Daily Mail.
They left the African Apostolic Church of Zambia in Garneton empty as they hauled all property – including more bottles of wine – to the unknown.

They gained entry into the church by removing all the roofing sheets, and proritised wine, of which they just left empty bottles.
Church overseer Iwell Ngulube said in an interview that the thieves stole from the church at the weekend.

Bishop Ngulube is saddened by the theft of items from the church especially the wine, which he said comes from America.

“They were actually drinking tge alter wine in church. This wine is sent to us by our partners in America. They drank some of it in church and got away with some bottles. They also stole the special garments we wear as priests,” he said.

Bishop Ngulube said it is wrong for people to steal from the church, which is the body of Christ.



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