Politics is a game played by those with patience, tolerance and big hearts. Before we go any further, allow us to remind you that last year we had two local government by-elections, one was in Mufulira and one in Kalulushi, [we] United Party for National Development (UPND) came out second with very small margin against ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Our colleagues the NDC came out third with some results that we feel its not even necessary to publish them. Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) still have the facts.

If we retain Katuba which is likely, we will not praise ourselves alone like the Pharisees but will salute the NDC too.

There is noway the biggest opposition political party in Zambia UPND was going to fold arms like a monument without participating in Lubwa ward unless if we wanted to surrender Copperbelt to other political parties.

The big question is why are they [NDC] insisting on a ward on the Copperbelt when there other wards around the country? Let them pick a ward in Shiwang’andu or Chipata and we will support them.

The best NDC could have done is to support UPND is Lubwa ward instead of running into medias to raise their voices.

As the Fixing Team, we would also like to remind ourselves and the entire UPND leadership that, this is the second local government by-election we are having in kitwe after general elections, the first one was in 2016 just after general elections, we fought so hard and we won that by-election. We have a councillor in kitwe who came through a by-election. What more at this juncture when Lungu and his minions have proved beyond reasonable doubts that they have failed to govern.

We call a spade a spade and nothing has been lost.

The Fixing Team


  1. The expressions as showcased by CK has retrogressive in nature. CK should move on rather than reflecting on the inner feelings of the original CK before he matured into the present Zambian political arena. When CK experienced undemocratic tendencies in PF and came out to act on a true democratic political platform, that was political maturity that was exhibited and any genuine political player could not have embraced him. That is what UPND is blessed with (accept everyone rather than reject people that would have matured from discriminatory to democratic political arena). At the same time such people are not bound to democratic playground should have moral freedom or right to revert back to opposite political ground like what GBM decided. However, such maturing political players should not change their playground artificially but with honest. When God blesses you with maturity in age, there is no way any individual beneficiary can u-turn such a blessing to immature rather than disappearing from the scenery (death). Anything from God is for a purpose as compared from the Devil which is for the needy. Anything for a purpose is life-driven while the needs are human selfish-driven.
    CK, mature into the political game with a purpose rather than for personal needs otherwise selfish reasoning will creep in, which results in retrogressive process.


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