Zambian Lawyers and Judges are working together in stealing from thee poor through tribalism says Ms. Namasiku.
its better to be self determined, says former UN diplomat Madam Namasiku Likukela.

Former UN Diplomat Miss Namasiku Likukela shares her experience at the hands of them.
Let Barotseland be independent from the rest of Zambia. This oppression and banditry being inflicted on us as Lozi’s is just too much.
After working diligently in the Zàmbia Police Service, I left and I Joined the United Nations.

Out of their envy, manyukunyuku conspired and killed my daughter just because they wanted to return me but I was not sent by Zambian Government.

I applied and successfully picked by UN. I competed with other candidates from various parts of the world from the UN regional office in Nairobi. I was picked on merit and I worked so hard and professionally in Sudan and in East Timor.
Munaa wama Zambians (too much jealousy of Zambians) who met me at the UN missions. They almost killed me in the mission area.
When the mission I was actually assigned closed. I decided to came back home but just upon arrival. Three (3) Zambian UN staff, two (2) from Northern and one (1) From Southern province induced their relatives in the judiciary and 12 bemba and Eastern province lawyers mobbed me and fabricated lies before their tribe relative judges that the UN paid me in error when infact not.

Up to now I don’t understand on what is their interest?
The money is not the tax payer’s money but the money I worked so hard, I sweated for it.
Even got surprised that a tonga person (my tribe Cousen) can do that to me serious.
Noticing trouble I challenged them to join the UN to the suit ( include the UN in the case) or relinquish their adjudication capacity but they refused both and instead immoraly and inhumanly manufactured further false suits before their tribe relatives Judges and where I did not even attend.

13 Zambian Lawyers mobbed me and pillaged me in abuse of the court process and induced court marshals to steal and remove applications, I made to challege suits they manufactured as methods of stealing my UN benefit entitlements.

LAZ has not disciplined them. Zambia needs an international intertvention to curb the impunity of erring erring laws LAZ has encouraged impunity. And the judiciary is total in mess, it needs total cleansing.

They managed to get court orders and stole from me boasting that they come from the same tribe with Chief Justice aswell as the President of the republic. the bandits were arranged by Lawyers Gilbert Phiri and Makebi Zulu now ( Eastern province minister).
And they were boasting that because I am Lozi they should steal from me.

I cant imagine how the Judiciary, lawyers and three (3) Zambian UN staff members could send their pathetic relatives to steal from me like imbeciles.
I lived as a Diplomat in South Africa and I was treated with the respect and dignity that I worked hard for. And so did the Sudanese and Timorese treat me with respect and dignity.

Bembas and Nyanjas conspired to sabotage my policing career, just when I went to read for my Masters degree in Policing… In the UK; and that was after they stole my first UN Job offer in the year, 2000; and gave it to a Nyanja, who was my surbodinate in the Anti Fraud Unit. I then decided to go and read for my Masters degree, in 2001, but they obstructed me. I manged to leave in Janaury, 2002 instead.

They remained here conspiring to assasinate me and I was illegally dismissed just because I went to read for a Masters degree, because then IGs.. Didn’t have. They threw my family out of Sikanze Police Camp and stole everything in my house leaving damaged items. . But after I reported, to then President Mwanawasa, the next IG who was one of my references to the UK University, reinstated me… But upon completion of my Masters degree, I was tipped that they had placed a hired assasin to kidnap me from Lusaka International Airport.. And kill me. So I sought asylum in the UK. I was only returned by UK immigration in 2005, when the assasin instead killed a white lady and was arrested., I was to be elevated to the rank of ACP, upon return, but they sat on my promotion, and when Former Inspector General of Police Mr. Mateyo and Francis Kabonde took up Police leadership. Kabonde asked me to stay at home and that they could not deploy me, because I was too qualified for their offices… I stayed at home from September 2005 until Janaury, 2006 when they need my skills at the former Task Force on Corruption, as they were receiving British lawyers and Investigators from the UK.

I worked tirelessly and achieved a lot within one year I was deployed there. In February, 2007, I was given a job offer as a Professional Investigator, after competing for the position with several other candidates .. at the UN Regional Hub in Nairobi. My first duty station was Sudan. But the same Nkole who’s stole my Job offer in the year 2000, instead conspired and incited all these juniors, including Kakoma Kangaja and Elixabeth Mutale Mbewe, who were my surbordinates in the Angi Fraud Unit for so long;… To eliminate my 10 years old daughter then. Elizabeth told me later that I was the target and that they just made my daughter I’ll, as they wanted to return me from the UN.

Since 2007 May, up to date, they have refused and neglected to arrest the killers of my child. I reported it then to woodlands Police station and an OP spy by the name of Kelvin Mwitha is the one that supplied the poison. I took my remaining children out of Zambia to South Africa then, and I was assigned to East Timor in 2008, as a Crimes Against Humanity Investigator. . In June. 2013, I returned back home together with my sons. But since October. 2013. 3 Zambian UN staff members who were induced by the late Maxwell Nkole and one was my former colleague in Zambia Police, who placed her son at KK Airport to kidnap and assasinate me. In 2003-4. ; this 3 one is Tonga/Lenje and she came to work at the mission I served in East Timor andnthenotehr one a Bemba/Namwanga we met in Sudan, but he was a former Army Officer:: they induced their relatives lawyers and Judges; to extort substaial amounts of money and belongings from me. They filed false litigations lying that the UN paid me in error, but I challenged them to join the UN for the UN an to come and refute their lies. They then mana factored other false claims which they took before their relatives and without according me opportunities to be heard,mthe you git orders and stole my two vehicles, out door furniture and households, all kitchen ware and 3 suitcases of clothes I had nit yet unpacked from the time I returned. They have been trying to steal my house on since then, but I refuted their claims. The Kakoma Kakanganja even illegally with held my Zambia Police pension, leave days, rental refunds from the time I was evicted from Sikanze and repatriation grant, just being envious of my having joined the Unjted Nations. I sued them all together with the lawyers and 3 Zambian UN staff members in 2015, for them to make restitution in all the pillagings and zdamGes for court expenses. Torture and anguish; but they declined to enter Defence and induced their relative Judge who illegally removed my suit from the cause List. They were even boasting, that because I am Lozi, they should and will steal from me….. I then petitioned the Constitutional Court, but they induced and conspired with the Concourt Judges nd dismissed my Petition illegally and awarded themselves, costs which they want to use, in stealing my house Nd sending me into internal displacement. In 2016 after pillaging me, they bashed me with a car attempting to kill me but I survived,mtheybthen detained me for 8 months at two Church refuge homes from where they poisoned me from, but I survived and escaped back to my residence in Roma. On 16th March, 2018, they gain attempted to assasinate me with poisoned water but I served. I was bed ridden for 10 days nd up to 30 days, up to now, I lost so much born structure, weight and comp,ex ion and my white and red blood cells are affected. Death may be certain and I developed radiation syndrome after the poisonous attacks. After the Concourt dismissed my petition. I applied for Un Refugee status, and to be relocated nd resettled outside Zambia. And then be declared stateless. And given a new nationality. I have filed a complaint with the ICC and other International law enforcement and human rights Organizations. I have no protection of the law, and the courts don’t want to account for want they have been stealing together with the lawyers. They now want to come and assasinate me when they come to steal my house or throw me in internal displacement. The other vehicle was stolen by the same former Police Officers in conspiracy with ZRA just when it came through the Chirundu Border, by carriage service from Japan via Durban. They have sabotaged me of everything that I wanted to invest in.

After working so hard like this nd achieving UN Diolomatic status, only to come and be sabotaged by mysoginists and the women they used as devices to sabotage me because of my tribe,,, and for their own lust and envy of my achievements. I have been tortured and enslavednd to their criminality and I don’t even socialize. After pillaging me on false pretext for 5 years,they failed to prove their claim that the UN laid me in error,min stead they abandoned their suit and don’t want to tLk about it….. will be telling it all just now. In the meantime, see the photo of my house I will share on Floaters’ page. Even if I am advertising for rentals. It’s the last item remaining which 13 Zambian lawyers including Police And Kakoma himself, have conspired to steal from me. They stole all those two vehicles using Court Orders they got from their relative Judges without according me opportunities to be heard and then started refusing to answer as to why they illegally seized them. I sued them and they illegally removed my suit from the cause list and attempted to assasinate me instead… I petitioned the Constitutional Court, they conspired with the Constitutional court Judges and illegally dismissed my petition, without hearing it.
Then with other bembas and Easterners. AKM Legal practitioners conspired with their tribe relatives in the Judiciary and Lands Commissioner to steal my house inducing court Marshals to steal applications I made.
Very stressful.

And surprisingly, my former subordinates in the Police, NELSON PHIRI (currently Lusaka police commissioner ) mismanaged and abused his juniors to help and aid his tribemate lusaka lawyer Gilbert Phiri with armed robbery of my vehicle and household worth of goods.

Mabemba mwa (Bembas in ) Police together with Kakoma Kanganja (inspector General) are in the conspiracy to sabotage me and they iĺlegally withheld my ZP pension and other entitlements.
Just because of their foolishness evil and tribalist mentality of opressing Lozi people.
Who said that since I am Lozi I cannot be a UN Diplomat or enjoy my UN money to the extent of them even sitting on my Police salaries and pension?

So let the former UN Under Secretary General, And Commonwealth address them and I am asking the entire global civil society to join me in calling for the UNSC;:UN; AU SADC, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and BRE to convene and the international criminal tribunal for Zambia to probe such impunity.
I didn’t go to the UN to work for Mabemba (Bembas) and Easterners.

They must give me back my money and belongings they got away from me, so that I leave Zambia. There is nothing I can do with such uncivilized people.
I would rather go back to where I lived with dignity and not this tribal arrogance in Zambia.


From Ms. Namasiku Likukela
Former UN Diplomat



  1. There should be Truth and Reconciliation Commission if Zambia is to remain as as one country. There are many Zambians that have gone through this type of tribal humiliation.

  2. This is what happens when someone is about to go mad, cheating and daydreaming that all other tribes are fighting Lozis. Madam,please go to the nearest hospital for medical attention before you start running naked in the streets!

    • There must be truth in this. Just look at names of those who are being retired in national interest, who are being employed, who are holding positions of deputy director and above in parastatal companies and civil service. We can no longer afford to be quite over these issues or we will be assigning our children to perpetual slavery in their own country. Its not only lozis lady. If you come from former NWR there is nothing for you.

      Judiciary has wrecked untold misery to innocent people through corruption. Lawyers have tormented innocent souls through corruption and greediness. It will only get worse if PF continues. Rupia was extremely tribal but PF took tribalism to a new his such that Zambia could be breaking at the seams. We need decent leadership urgently who will unite the country not these PF chaps who came with an agenda of introducing caste system in Zambia. Those who are benefiting and want the status quo to continue must be warned that it is unsustainable and people will not agree to be marginalized forever. PF criminals have just gone too far.

  3. Where does the Bembas come into legal proceedings? It shows how this lady harbour hatred towards the bembas . I’m sure she will do better if she reflects on her anger and I have worked in the police service and in 1998 I was denied to go and study in UK despite all was paid for by my family. IG Njobvu refused despite his son who was chief inspector was sent to South Africa for studies on govt expanses
    To date, I have not received my pension, leave days and thrift contributions have disappeared. I have not accused anyone. Today I have achieved my dreams and I do not harbour hatred towards Njobvu or anyone . Promoted three times but each time paramilitary CO handing and other sat on them. Life is a two faced object


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