Mark my words, whether his blind supporters like it or not, HH will not stand in 2021 General Elections as President; if that happens then cut my man-hood into five pieces, EEP President Chilufya Tayali has vowed.

Speaking in Lusaka yesterday afternoon, Mr Tayali said just as he has influenced the jailing of Chishimba Kambwili, he is equally determined to do the same against HH before he files in nomination papers as a presidential candidate in 2021. “HH needs to account for his role in selling our companies where he came out the richest. As long as I live, he will not stand in 2021 as he will be in prison when President Lungu and I will be filling nomination papers”, said Tayali.

The EEP Leader said HH was foolish enough to withdraw 8 cases he had against him which would have seen Tayali serving jail sentences or compensating him (HH) with a lot of money.

“I have already hired 6 best lawyers to help me in having HH convicted and come 2021, he (HH) will not be allowed to contest as president, but if that does come true, Iam ready to have my private part cut into five. Its not my fault that he forgave me for defaming him over Vespers Shimunzhila’s death. I didn’t ask him to forgive me, therefore for me he is going to jail before 11 August 2021”, vowed Tayali.



  1. Does he even one to cut?
    Besides, will that make the economy any better if HH does not stand?
    Instead of talking of talking about how he can make Zambia better if by chance he won the presidency but he is busy talking about who will stand or not stand.
    Can this man for once do something useful, we need people who can help develop the country not this person who thinks like a toddler.

    • Manhood is not just the sexual tool but the brain attached to it. Tayali’s is already emasculated. It is a brainless manhood completely useless and any knife is far more worth than it so why cut it??????

  2. All I ask of Tayali and others out there serving own agendas is not to put all Zambians in one basket by placing a defining qualifier “some” before statements like “Zambians are demanding….. want to know …..or, are saying…” for Zambians being referred to are of different backgrounds and divergent views on several issues thus to always make all inclusive statements like “Zambians want Lungu to quickly set up a Commission on Privatization” is injustice to those like me and I am not alone, whose view is against the idea for its lack of originating honesty or seriousness having slept for over 20 years to awaken and resurrect voices of even the dead! Here Tayali must name who he is inviting or betting with to amputate him for he can also do it by himself to prove he is a man of his word!


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