The zambian teachers have complained over a process which they have termed RED TAPE in the teaching service. This red tape makes teachers not to deliver accordingly because they are tired most of the time.

It is so unfortunate that the teaching council has basically focused on theoretical approach instead of letting us teachers focus on teaching our pupils . Imagine how do you expect a teacher to deliver quality lesson when you keep him/her busy all the time? You have introduced too much paper work on us hence we are loosing concentration on our main task which is teaching.

We are teachers and our first task is to teach pupils. Now you are making us to be busy always preparing and maintaining our documents and files just for you to be pleased hence loosing focus on teaching our pupils. Revisit these processes because they just make us tired before we even go to class hence affects pupils performance. Some supervisors even take it personal as if they are the ones who employed us.

Concerned teachers.



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