Dambisa Moyo weds USA tech company co-founder
DAMBISA Moyo, a Zambian-born global Economist and author of a Best Seller Dead Aid yesterday tied the knot with Jarred Smith, a Co-founder of Qualtrics a Technology Company in Provo, Utha USA.

Their wedding was only witnessed by Mdolole Steven Moyo, the bride’s brother, Duff Thompson the couple’s long standing friend and Barnaby their 10 year old dog because of strict Covid-19 measures.

Officials in Provo said the couple will properly celebrate their marriage with friends and relatives after the global pandemic.
Credit: KTVNews










  1. Zedians, will we ever find anything good to say about other Homo Sapiens? We have really become too toxic. I do not know the Couple who have married, but I wish them well.

  2. I’m congratulate you very much, Dambisa. When all is settled, why you don’t plant to visit Mumbai, my home? Every day we are eat good food here like nice, hot tandori chicken and chapati and rice.


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