PF secretary general Davies Mwila was today conspicuously abscent from the highly touted press conference where former UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba aka GBM was announcing his defection back to PF.

Upon seeing that neither Mwila nor any other senior PF leader was present to receive him, Mwamba hastily announced that he would ‘pay a courtesy call’ on the PF secretariat once he finished the briefing. But GBM’s intention quickly reached Mwila who immediately left the PF secretariat and asked other senior secretariat staff including deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri, media director Sunday Chanda and deputy media director Antonio Mwanza to do the same.

Upon reaching the PF secretariat GBM was shocked to find a few secretariat support staff. The visibly disappointed Mwamba ended up addressing the support staff and a few caders who had followed him from GBM milling where the press conference had been held.

Earlier GBM had requested that the press briefing be held at the PF secretariat but received no response up to this morning forcing him to take the press briefing to his defunct GBM milling. It’s not clear why a man who boasts of and openly flaunts his wealth opted not to take his press briefing to a hotel.

PF has a rule that former members wishing to rejoin the party must apply in writing and wait for 3 years before being officially readmitted. It is not clear whether GBM has followed this procedure.


  1. It’s obvious he had to run away, because they expected him to cause irreversible damage by crippling UNDP taking away with him at least half of the party. But true to GMB he aborted because of his chaotic conduct. What he took from UPND can’t help PF, because everyone knows the song PF plays. They always say UPND is a tribal party and Zambians have come to call the bluff on the tribal issue. Has he added anything new? No, so his PF guys are not happy. Does he think they will give a big welcome? Does he think they trust??? Give him a few months, he will leave before 2021

  2. Mwila has reason to run away from GBM, I am sure GBM could have said this to him at the officers mess.
    “imwe naimwe bamwila bu**la bwenu muletusebanya nechisungu chenu, elyo mukaleke no kuba bu deputy kuli ine, umusebanya ala”. because GBM has no brakes, he just zooms.


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