I have just witnessed a scary event on Ben Bella road towards Chibolya ghetto. Traffic is very slow, tortoise pace.

Ahead of me is beige land cruiser, suddenly about 6 young men surround the vehicle, shatter the passenger window with an iron bar, open the door and grab phone from the lady, yank wig off her head and grab the handbag.

They go to driver’s door and grab spectacles and his phones.

Meanwhile all passersby are just watching, we decide to come out of our rides with other motorists and boys leisurely run away.

The lady passenger turns to the driver, I doubt she is his wife and screams at him, now look they have stolen my Peruvian wig and iphone, you have to replace them, my money in the handbag.

Some people takeout their phones to start taking videos and pics, I advise the shaken gentleman and the lady to get in their ride before they find themselves on social media for wrong reasons .

This is what I always say, CBD is no go area for me.

(Derricks Mwendafilumba)


  1. The New Dawn Government should step up there has been an increase in criminal activities such as attacking people by grabbing belongings such as handbags, phones and other essentials. Some PF thugs are disguising themselves to be passengers just to deceive the public are being abducted.

  2. Christian nation where every one is a christian. Onlookers including the reporter are spineless cowards. Funny how u were able to hear the lady

  3. what is the Police doing about this expected spike in crime. This is not the time to be reactionary. Counter Planning of these types of criminal acts especially after elections should be a routine task.

    This is alarming. Maybe it’s important to bring back the Army to help sort out this rise in criminal acts until real economic development begins to happen.

    These internal criminal crimes have the potential to destroy the very efforts of empowering the very citizens of Zambia.

  4. Thugs work on intimidation and threats. They are the worst cowards. Zambians when one is attacked the thugs attack us all. Let’s not be passive. These criminals can not attack us all. We are many than they are. Today it’s someone else’s son, father, daughter or mother. Tommorrow if this is not addressed it will be yours or you.

    Let’s gang up against these stupid people and fight against crime. Can the Zambia police address us. We want our streets free from thugs.

    Let’s Stop these criminals from causing harm to our fellow citizens. We won’t allow criminals to rule us, we have fought for our freedom.

    Let’s take back our cities. If it’s a war these stupid people want let’s give it to them.

    Let’s take the war to them. Why wait for them to commit the crime. May the Zambia Police be on offensive against these criminals, before something breaks in the Zambians who have had enough of this foolishness.

    It is wrong for a few greedy people to continue causing havoc to peace loving people. Tempers in the citizens are still very high on a number of unresolved issues. This current issue will soon explode into instant Mob Justice if not properly handled.

    Please Zambia Police engage the citizens quickly as avert blood shade.

  5. Evil prevails when good people watch and do nothing about crime being committed. When someone is attacked do not be on lookers.


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