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Amos Chanda - Special assistant to the president for press and public relations



Former Press Aid to President Lungu, Amos Chanda was “constructively” fired a week ago for collecting money from Vendatta crooks who have been holding government to ransom, on the premise that, he would persuade the Head of State to subject Konkola Copper Mine to receivership and not liquidation.

Receivership is where the courts appoint a legal entity to run Konkola, as the disputed case is still active for adjudication while Liquidation, which government did on Kokola is where the mine is closed until the case is disposed-off. With Receivership, Vendatta would still be benefiting from Konkola while with Liquidation they don’t. Amos Chanda was paid $300,000 upfront and promised another $900,000 after deceiving President Lungu.

But aside this, Amos Chanda has/had 6 active cases at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for Abuse of Office, Corruption and Acquiring property using proceeds of crime. These cases were not being attended to, because of his position.

Amos Chanda managed to bribe some officials at the anti-graft in order for them not to pursue his corruption cases.
Here are the active case of Amos Chanda.
Personal information
NRC No.218652/64/1. Passport No. ZN079976
Married to Mable Nakaundi of NRC No.224861/64/1 and her mobile number is +260973324730. The couple is currently residing at 3B Serval Road in Kabulonga, Lusaka. They have four children, three of which attend school at the American International School, New Kasama in Lusaka.


Concealment of property

Case no. F/488a/10/D Chindo Road, Kabulonga: The premise houses an Event facility (dressed Marquee housing up to 500 people with prices ranging between K7,500.00 to K25,000.00), a Bar and Restaurant, public swimming pool, Hair Salon and Barber shop as well as both private and open Charlets. The place is run by a man Musonda Mulenga who is married to Amos Chanda’s sister Ruth Nakaundi.
F/488a/10/D Chindo Road, Kabulonga was registered under Lonrho Zambia from 1970 to 2000. From 200 to 2009 it was registered under the ownership of Esther Nkunika. From 2009 to date, the property is under the ownership of Hua Investment Ltd. This property was bought by Amos Chanda in 2017 costing K8 million and cash was paid.
Possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime
Case no. S/NYUMB/127187. This is a property that is registered under Mable Nakaundi. ACC restricted entry to the property in 2016, November. The second property is right behind Nyumba Yanga Market where four by three bedroom single-storey flats are currently under construction.

Proceeds of crime

Case no.a/A/30/1 State Lodge; This is a plot that was given to Amos Chanda during the reign of late Michael Sata. The property was however developed at speed of light using proceeds of crime. The property was developed only in four months using Chinese contractors. This cost K6 million.

Abuse of authority

Case no Chisa/LN_8831/402:This property was obtained through the Ministry of Lands. Chisa/LN_8831/402 is owned by Amos Chanda while Chisa/LN_8831/401 is owned by Mable Nakaundi. The plots are small holdings and where obtained after Amos Chanda threatened officials at the Ministry of Lands, for possible dismissal if they do not give him and his wife plots next to each other.

Abuse of authority and Proceeds of crime

Case no. Njolw/LN_251816.* This property is along Leopards Hill Road and was grabbed from Ministry of Lands. The property was developed in three months using Chinese contractors at the cost of K5 million.

Abuse of authority and Proceeds of crime

Ndichite Therapy Centre:This is located along Sable Road. Amos Chanda bought the property at K9 million where his wife Mable is running a therapy center with services such as Colon Cleansing, Massages and Gymnasium. The state of the art equipment in the Therapy was purchased from South Africa at a cost of K1.2, using proceeds of crime.

Money laundering

Amos Chanda has a bank account with Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) and Bank ABC. At Banc ABC, Amos Chanda’s account is managed by his girlfriend by the name of Eunice who is An SME Assistant Regional Manager based at the Bank’s Head Office. Eunice has also been facilitating the transfer of funds from Chinese and Lebanon persons into Amos Chanda’s account, and subsequently to Offshore accounts, one of which is in Mauritius. This account is specifically used to launder Amos Chanda’s monies.
Amos Chanda has bought a House is Salama Park for Eunice at a cost of K1.6 million.

Social life and abuse of Authority

Amos Chanda has an affair with Tilyenji Mwanza, the Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager. He built a house for Tilyenji and bought her an ML Mercedez Benz as well as a Brand new Ranger Rover Sport which he is yet to hand over to her. It is Amos Chanda who even secured a position for Tilyenji Mwanza in the local government, at Ndola City Council.
Amos Chanda also has another girlfriend from the University of Lusaka identified as Lydia Bwalya, who has his one year old baby boy, Mubanga. Amos Chanda has purchased a three bedroom house in Chalala for Lydia Bwalya at the cost of K1.3 million and a Toyota Allion from Jan Japan.

*NOTE: These cases are active at the anti-corruption commission but Amos Chanda, together with some senior government officials have so far offloaded K5 million to some officers to help “kill” the cases.*

Source: Zambian Watchdog


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