FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and his predecessor Kalusha Bwalya have failed to agree on who should contest for the CAF executive committee meeting after being brought together by Sports Minister Moses Mawere.

Kamanga and Bwalya refused to step aside for each other with the minister advising the duo to settle their dispute through an executive committee decision.

Mawere told a media briefing after the meeting at his office that both candidates were adamant on contesting.

He said that the duo however, agreed to settle the duel according to the FAZ constitution.

Mawere said that government would not interfere in the dispute as it went against FIFA rules.

“We requested to meet up with Kalusha Bwalya and president of FAZ Andrew Kamanga to come to the ministry and discuss issues surrounding the position at CAF, where both requested FAZ to recommend them for the position,” he said.

“We have deliberated. The meeting was very clear. We wanted them to talk to each other. Both of them have agreed that this is a FAZ matter that can only be resolved by a full executive.”

The deadlock revolves around Kalusha being an incumbent at CAF where he has served two terms while Kamanga is seeking to contest on account of being current FAZ boss.

FAZ can only sponsor one candidate for the nomination that closes on May 31.

Football Association of Zambia General Secretary has announced that whoever they will support should be able to pass an integrity test.


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