The death of Zambia Airforce Deputy Commander has raised some dust in Zambia as many link his death to witchcraft.

Many Zambians have taken to social media to accuse the Zambia Airforce (ZAF), Zambia Police (ZP) and Zambia Army (ZA).

Following the sudden death of the newly appointed ZAF Deputy Commander, several ZAF workers believe he has died due to being witched after president Lungu appointed him as Deputy Commander on 20th December 2018, less than a month ago.

It is rumored that four days after he was appointed Deputy Commander for ZAF, Mr Kapotwe found a chicken with beads in his bedroom which was warning him to resign his newly given positioned or die before 31st January 2019.

He refused to resign and truly, he is no more.

He died in India yesterday and his body is expected any time soon. If President Lungu had not appointed him, he would have still been alive by now.

This is the story going around family members and his juniors. Witchcraft is real ladies and gentlemen.

PICTURE: President Edgar Lungu, chats with the newly appointed Zambia Air Force Deputy Commander..Late Major General Kapotwe Chintu.

But look at that face behind President Edgar Lungu.



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