By Leah Ngoma

The Drug Enforcement Commission-DEC- has summoned national democratic congress leader chishimba kambwili for questioning at their Lusaka offices.

According to the call out, Mr Kambwili was expected to avail himself at 10:00 hrs but could not do so as he is unwell.

In a statement to Phoenix News, DEC Deputy Public Relations Officer Kamufisa Manchishi confirmed that the commission has summoned mr kambwili for an interview to enable him provide any further information he may have in relation to the drug trafficking allegations he made earlier this week.

On Monday, Mr Kambwili at a media briefing questioned the nature of business relations between President Edgar lungu and Lusaka businessman Valden Findlay in which he insinuated the involvement of drugs in the relationship.

And speaking to Phoenix News, Mr Kambwili says he is not intimidated by the call out and is ready to avail himself to DEC.

Mr Kambwili says if advising President Lungu to choose his business associates carefully is an offence, then he is ready for the consequences.



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