UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has alleged that there are desperate attempts by the Patriotic Front to weaponize fear in order to discourage Zambians from voting for the UPND.

Hichilema says the PF have tried all kinds of methods that have clearly flopped to sway the mood of a citizenry that is already resolved to get rid of them through the ballot in 2021.

He said fear that a UPND government will punish Zambians once voted into power, is not only unfounded but is heartless, remorseless and an irresponsible agenda that can only come from a government that is bankrupt of ideas on how to govern.

Mr Hichilema said using the fear factor in order to continue occupying positions of power, while plundering public resources for the benefit of a few at the expense of the majority of citizens, will not put food on the tables of many poor Zambians.

He said fortunately Zambians will not be deceived by cheap lies as they have ample evidence of mismanagement through unbridled corruption, theft of public resources, high fuel and electricity tariffs, high transport costs, unaffordable mealie meal and plain incompetence, by the PF led government.




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