John 10:10 reads ‘the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy’.

I realize that John 10:10 is a well-known verse to millions of believers around the world, but today I want to give you fresh insight into this powerful scripture.

Rather than simply reading it as you have read it thousand times before, let’s dig a little deeper into the Greek words behind this verse to see what we can mine from the treasures of the Greek New Testament.

After finishing stealing all your goods and possessions, he will take his plan to rob you blind to the next level. He will create conditions and situations so horrible that you will see no way to solve the problem except to sacrifice everything that remains from his previous attacks.The goal of this thief is to totally waste and devastate your life. If nothing stops him, he will leave you insolvent, flat broke and cleaned out in every area of your life. You will end up feeling as if you are finished and out of business.

Make no mistake — the enemy’s ultimate aim is to obliterate you….”
There’s no doubt about it that the devil (PF) wants you to be defeated. Through politics of regionalism, tribalism, ,through violence, hurt speeches the devil (PF) wants you to struggle through your entire life. Through poverty, lack of employment, high taxes, through unbearable high cost of living the devil (PF) wants you to be sick due to lack of medication in the hospital, poor health facilities, depressed, down in the dumps, glum and miserable.
The devil wants you to feel like you will never hit the target with your life through high tariffs of electricity, high fuel prices, high food prices, bad educational standards.

But Jesus wants to give you a life that is unrivaled, unequaled, matchless, incomparable, richly loaded, and overflowing with life to the ultimate maximum!
So now that you know the devil (PF) wants to make your life a less-than-gratifying, unhappy, uneventful life, a life that no one will even notice is gone once it’s over. what are you going to do about it? I urge you to put on the brakes and stop Satan (PF) from wreaking havoc in your life. Jesus will give you the power to resist every attack and to overcome every strategy the devil (PF) ever tries to use against you!

PF is a danger to the nation as demonstrated by the killing of a Zambian owned businesses like The Post, Finance Bank, Prime TV they’re killing Zambian owned CEC,a publicly traded company with many Zambians including pensioners among other shareholders.
PF continues to be a cursed party that has lost direction and there is nothing Zambians can expect from PF.

But not all hope is lost because through unite of purpose as a country we can do better by ensuring that come 2021 we all vote out Satan (PF who have come to steal, kill and destroy) out of the office and ensure that we vote in prudent leadership of Hakainde Hichilema aka Bally and the United Party For National Development(UPND).

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  1. 2021 is not only an opportunity to vote, but an opportunity to kick out the devil PF. How do I say this? Bcos the opportunity to vote in 202 is not an opportunity to kick out unwanted leadership of PF! They will steal the vote or most likely simply refuse to handover power! And there is nothing we will do about it thru corridors of the judiciary. However if we focus on that 2021 is an opportunity to kick out the unwanted leadership of the PF, then we will know that 2021 voting day is also fighting day, fight, fighting physically to kick the PF out, it won’t just b by the the vote.

  2. Comment: This clueless leadership of ‘ scramble for everything and anything you can lay your hands on’ is the worst this nation has ever had.Immediately after 2021 elections, none of these fellas should be allowed to leave the country . Judges must expect to get busier and correctional facilities must be ready to receive new inhabitants. kkkkkkk

  3. Uyu seer1 should remain with his PF the devil since he already admitted giving them powers which are definitely not Christian! Keep away from UPND and its leaders

  4. What more do we(patriotic Zambians)want to continue wallowing in poverty with the devil??2021 is seriously the most memorable year in Zambia’s history and therefore let us go out there in massive numbers to uproot this devil completely and throw it into lake of has destroyed and dismantled every house house at all medicines in hospitals,mealie meal is high,appalling education standards,high tariffs and the list is endless.let us save our beautiful motherland once more pf


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