Dickson Jere wrote;

NAPSA Public Relations Disaster

I have just been looking at this press statement from NAPSA. I am not sure whether it is a letter or press statement.

It lacks seriousness in the manner it is written. The allegations against NAPSA over the inflating of tender costs from USD 21 million to USD25 million are very serious, which required a sober but detailed response.

The statement is not even signed by the person issuing it???? It’s pp…I think NAPSA needs to get its Public Relations Office reorganized. It is a public institution which needs to respond to the public through well-thought out press statements and not this one below!

Ati those aggrieved should follow the appeal procedure in the Public Procurement Act – like really? No mention about the discrepancy in costs, which is the story making rounds. I have always said, better keep quiet if you cannot respond to the allegation than putting out such press release. Silence is golden at times!
Good morning friends!



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