By Dickson Jere

Self-inflicted pain is often very painful. Because you have to blame yourself for it! If you accidentally bite your thumb, you just have to suck it quietly to relieve pain without showing any hurt openly – that is the case of UPND and their friend Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM).

You see, when GBM joined UPND, I questioned the rationale of making him Vice President and later on running mate in that short period. His political DNA and characteristics were at variance with UPND. But nay, the UPND supporters went ahead and openly supported the move! I differed with a number of them. They didn’t see anything wrong with GBM! They supported the new comer who jumped the queue and straight to the second most post in the party via an appointment! But was GBM really their friend?

Now that GBM has left, the best they can do is to suck that painful thumb quietly. Insulting him or calling him names will not absorb that costly mistake the UPND made by making him second in command. But also don’t forget that GBM played some role in the party. He mobilized the militant side of the party so much that they could outplay PF in some areas (not that I support thuggery). Former inter-city crew of Eno and team joined the UPND! They could size it with PF much to the delight of UPND!

GBM was also there for the party and its leader Hakainde Hichilema (HH) during the crucial treason case and consequent tribulations! Their “friendship” even extended to family! HH and wife attended family weddings and parties for GBM family and all….that in itself is significant! So insulting him or calling him names will not help…UPND need to learn from this costly exercise of picking anybody for the second most position for the sake of votes! It is painful! Suck that thumb quietly without us knowing you hurting!

Maybe and just maybe, that veep position should be frozen for now until convention when all positions will be up for grabs! MMD did it! It operated for a long without a Vice President for the very reason that UPND finds its self in. I am glad HH has thanked his “friend” GBM and wished well in his future endeavors without any negative vibes. His supporters should take heed! But remember, it is self-inflicted pain! Chibaba!


  1. Much as I agree with the writer, I do not really believe UPND will suffer or miss such a vulgar, tribalist, treacherous and an opportunist thief. PF did not miss him neither did they want him back. No one wants his childish ways. No one in pf will associate with him. GBM is a yesterday’s man.
    HH has definitely learned something from all this, being an educated person.


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