LUSAKA Mayor His Worship Wilson Kalumba, Inspector General of Zambia Police; Mr. Kakoma Kanganja, Councilor Mr. Patrick Mwansa, Director of Training Zambia Police; Dr. Charles Mbita, Public Relations Manager, City of Lusaka; Mulunda Habeenzu with host Mr Patrick Mapalo on arrival in Albuquerque, New Mexico yesterday. (Picture by Patricia Litiya)


I never mocked this man. In fact I never mock people by playing practical jokes on or about them. Sleeping challenge, what what. I only joke with my personal friends and behbaikl know it’s about a friendship.

And I won’t condemn those who found it funny to mock the man. He was a very educated man more educated than me and he was accomplished.

I never gave him a chance to win the mayoral election despite being on the PF ticket.

But today am really touched. I can imagine all that calmness when people laughed at him and mocked him was his way or avoiding to fight back because he had a bigger battle to fight.

Condolences to his family to the PF and all Lusaka residents. May his loss leave each one of us better people and may his battles not be in vain.

Let’s name a motor rally after him since his last policy announcement was about motor racing.

Written by Oliver Shalala


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