By Alex Simuwelu

Our people in PF strongholds have followed very closely how three (3) Monze based UPND Members of Parliament led by Mr. Jack Mwimbu and their Ward Councillors disrespected the President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu by refusing to meet him on his recent visit to Southern Province.

We have also noted that UPND in the area went out of their way to try and frustrate the Government’s development agenda for Southern Province when Mwiimbu and company engaged in disrespectful inflammatory talk and a general rubble rousing.

We wish to courteously advise UPND and its leader Mr. Hichilema that they should expect to reap a bumper harvest from PF strongholds of the inflammatory seed they sowed in Monze. They should expect to receive a taste of their own medicine – with an extra dosage.


We are also keen to know what the newly formed “Civil Society Organisation” OCIDA has to say about UPND MP’s and Councillors disrespectful attitude towards the Head of State. Does their silence on the matter mean approval?

What do senior citizens Mama Lily Monze, Ompie Nkumbula-Liebenthal, have to say about Monze based MP’s mobilizing cadres and disrespecting the Head of State?

Is this kind of behaviour approved of by former Secretaries to the Cabinet Sketchley Sacchika and Leslie Mbula?

Does Archbishop Emeritus Telesphore Mpundu endorse such waywardness? Perhaps he will look the other way and try to put a spin to it?

What about TIZ, Action Aid and related Civil Society organisations?

Is disrespect of the institution of the Presidency “activism”
Their silence is deafening.

Perhaps they will they only suddenly find their voices when we return UPND the favour in our strongholds?


In a related development, our people in PF strongholds have watched with disappointment a viral video of a Siavonga UPND official who was filmed inciting people to beat public officers (including police officers) that will be conducting National Registration Card (NRC) mobile registration in the area.
Again why have OCIDA and other related “Civil Society” organisations have been mute on this matter?

I want to emphasize that PF strongholds are solidly behind His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu; we will photocopy the Monze formula and energetically use it against their retrogressive Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

The people and grassroots in Patriotic Front Strongholds are solidly behind the Government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his candidature for 2021.

The people and grassroots in Patriotic Front Strongholds are against the backward retrogressive Monze formula of Jack Mwimbu, Hakainde Hichilema and his regional party.

Let them come; they will enthusiastically be served with a taste of their own medicine.

The Author is the Provincial Chairman Patriotic Front Muchinga Province and a Member of the Central Committee



  1. Please members of different Political Parties remember all the time that if the Head of state is visiting East Province and he decides to hold a public meeting there, it is normal and logical for members of opposition Parties to shun or not attend the meeting.
    There is nothing like being disrespectful cos they are not his members. If Ck holds a public meeting anywhere in the country, you don’t expect members of other parties to attend apart from NDC members.
    Who wants to hear his president being insulted by another president of a different party ?

  2. This is how civil wars start. Your pretend to forget that you have always harassed HH when he is in Northern part of the country. Your GBM can attest to this. Anyway a Civil war won’t be a surprise to me because the country is divided

  3. It is not normal for the area MP to shun the meeting where the Republican President is conducting meetings for developmental purposes because the MP for that respective area is elected to serve the interests of the people in that area in terms of development. The Republican President cannot be compared to the other presidents of political parties. I find the shunning of the Republican President’s meetings by MPs in the Southern Province as ill conceived and not serving the best interests of the people of Southern Province.

  4. Mr Alex Simuwelu! You should be ashamed of standing up on a mountain trying to defend crooks, liars, murderers, killers, the corupt, PLUNDERERS, idiots and untrustworthy people. The PF are simply reaping what they have sawn. They have disrespected the people of Zambia 9 years now. Your PF president, the chief of all wrong vices in Zambia under PF, deserved 1 trillion times the disrespect he received in Monze. If you can complain about the little iota that happened in Monze, then you are up for the shock of your life. Why complain about something happening daily anyway. Have you not found out why your PF president is afraid of making postings on his facebook page? Are all those that insult him on facebook (to the extent of pulling out his postings) from Southern Province? Banene hena mwakolwa? Mwanywa kachasu kaku Mazabuka sa?
    Go ahead and try do the same against the man of the people HH in Northern Zambia, you will have to prepare millions of Kwacha to bribe the youth to fight against their Bally. That I can assure you of. For all that you saw in Monze, the UPND and HH spent nothing, not money, not time, not energy to speak to those youth to do what they did to your president. And that itself will fight your conscience. It speaks volumes about your leadership. Having to spend when the other side gets results freely!! In any case who will be surprised of whatever action you are threatening to take? You have been violent from day 1 with your president! From day 1 at Mulungushi! Since then, your stay in office has had nothing but violence, maiming, killing, murdering, plundering, lying, loadshedding citizens, high commodity prices…, hey, Mr Simuwelu, is this what you are trying to defend? I can assure you Mr. S that you will soon regret your actions. The most ugly thing is that even the money you get bribed with to talk rubbish like this you won’t have time in life to enjoy it. You will be in prison together with your PF ugly president, and we will get back all that you have looted, except perhaps only that which you ate as food and ended up in toilets. That is the only staff you looted which we may leave with you. For you deserve nothing but that which Lucifer deserves in hell.


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