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Court cases are always very very difficult to handle when there is external influence on the judiciary.Of course we cannot sit back and think that PF will not try to get to the judges and tempt them with huge bribes.

Full bench will argue on the constitutionality and fairness of those days given the fact that the respondent was evading service of papers. Don’t forget that it is about justice and justice must be seen to be done. It is not just about the letter of the law.

The Zambia we are living in has changed. We have a whole bunch of national leaders who are ready to sell their dignity for money.I don’t understand why those in leadership think pocket money should replace our national prosperity.

When our youths are listing for jobs and languishing in poverty, it means nothing to them. When our mothers are giving birth on the floor at UTH, it is normal to them.

Thank God for His unending grace. These people will not always manipulate truth and trump on the poor, there is always one day.

Do not believe rumours going around on social media, we have a good case and soon you will smile.

If 14days included weekends, why were they absent in court on Saturdays and Sundays?

Check the date stamp we have just started.


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  1. The Concourt seems to be all at sea…should have taken control of the proceedings, given proper orders for direction and engaged both parties in outlining and agreeing on disputed facts just when the petition was filed. Now the country will be saddled with a rushed hearing and subsequently a less than stellar conclusion to this petition. Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done…smh


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