Staff in clinics in Zambia can send details of symptoms to doctors in the UK


Hjoe Moono writes;

What shocks me deeply is that MOST Medical Doctors in Zambia, after their first degree would rather not become specialists, but want to do Management courses so that they can be in the office rather than become expert clinicians.

I feel this is waste of clinical training!

We need to change the incentive structure so that those who practice in the wards get more than those who sign cheques in offices.

I find it absurd that a potential clinical specialist who would change medical practice should be competing for a management job with an Economist or Demographer who spent half the number of years of schooling of a medical Doctor.

The NGO sector has not helped: Many doctors leave medical practice and jump on donor funded projects traveling the country making allowances, becoming rusty in practice – adding less value to medical practice and overall health outcomes!

We have great talent, yet, this gets wasted when our medical specialists begin to pursue allowances and eye management jobs because they are less incentivised.

In my next life, I want to be a medical doctor, become a surgeon.

If you are a medical doctor, I beg that you pursue specialist clinical training and practice, leave signing of cheques to us, who didn’t have the intellectual requisite to study medicine.

Seriously, why should a Medical doctor be studying MBA? How will this help in conducting specialised surgery?

Good morning.





  1. its not just doctors even engineers do management. the reason is simple jobs that pay well r management jobs and require management training. i have a masters in engineering, i missed a good engineering management job with a parastal under the guise that i had no management qualification. while they appreciated my specialization, they cud not hire me for the job unless i had an MBA or so. if jobs that pay well r specialised jobs in medicine, engineering or other fields then people will automatically go for them. otherwise its immoral to appeal to peoples conscience to focus on serving lives when others with 18 months ACCA r getting gud money.


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