DAVID Mabumba is not alone, there are a lot of other leaders out there whose immoral actions are yet to be leaked, says Joseph Moyo.

He is urging Mabumba’s comrades not to abandon him, stressing that, “let’s always be with the erring and make them realise that they have done wrong and can be readmitted in society.”

Moyo, founder of The African Woman Foundation (TWAF), said Mabumba’s actions shows that leaders have no sense of responsibility to own up.

Reacting to President Edgar Lungu’s dismissal of Mabumba who was minister of general education following a leaked video of him showing off his manhood, Moyo said a lot of members of
parliament were busy impregnating young girls in their constituencies.

“Mr Mabumba is not alone. We have many leaders who are in power – be it MPs ministers, councillors, council secretaries, mayors who morally bankrupt, who are involved in various activities including multiplying society by impregnating women out there. They use their status not to empower young people or women but they use that status to lure young ladies into sex,” he said. “We have MPs who are called honourable, honourable men as they are, are busy impregnating young women. They are busy moving around with young girls. While we talk of Mabumba’s action which is regrettable, he is not alone, only that his act has been leaked. But we have a lot whose acts are not leaked. MP’s go to inspect their constituencies not for development but to inspect who their next victim is – they are
inspecting young girls in society for sex.”

Moyo said Mabumba should have resigned instead of waiting to be fired by the President.

“Mabumba’s action shows how low morality in Zambia has gone. It has gone very low because it shows that when people in leadership do wrong, they owe no one an apology. They have no sense of responsibility to own up. So while pornography is serious, a more serious problem is born in the course of this sin. Mabumba should have apologised and resigned before he was fired,” Moyo said. “He should have apologised to the nation especially to the young people. Resignation has three advantages; number one, it shows that you are remorseful, number two, it shows that you accept your wrongs and that you have not lived to your expectations. Number three it shows that you accept that you can no longer execute your duties and be representative of what you have been doing in a moral way.”

He stressed that resignation was a moral way that all those who act immoral must not wait to be fired.

“Mabumba’s action is a symptom that our society is sick, there is something and people think they owe no one an apology. When someone resigns he or she simply means I owe society an apology. The lack of taking such a measure to self-discipline tells a story of how society is, it tells you who we are,” Moyo said.

He however called for society to treat the erring with compassion.

Moyo said Mabumba’s comrades should not abandon him.

“Let us always be with the erring and make them realise that they have done wrong and can be readmitted in society. Let’s crawl around them. And the Minster [of National Guidance and] Religious Affairs (Reverend Godfridah Sumaili) needs to become a moral educator and tell ministers, all politicians that there is morality. Let her be the pastor of leaders and guide them on moral issues and usage of social media,” he urged. “It is sad that a minister who is supposed to tell youths to use social media responsibly is the one who has abused it.”

Moyo noted that most of the times women and men tend to undress for strangers on social media.

“Mr Mabumba while he has sinned he has a family. Let people be responsible in such matters. Society must be very considerate. The value of women should never be in sex and child bearing but what they can contribute to society when educated and empowered in equal terms,” said Moyo.



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