Insala Kapondo (Hunger is Hunger, it can cause someone to go against his own principles)


Patriotic Front Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says Members of Parlaiment and Civil Society who are advocating for the immediete withdraw of the NDF bills from Parlaiment must not dare.

The Outspoken Youth Leader who in the recent past motivated a number of youths to offer Valid checks and Balances to the ruling party says Parliament is the only place to introduce and making laws.

Mr. Mwanza says Parliament is the only body that is mandated by law to introduce Bills and to make laws.

He says no one can stop Parliament from introducing a Bill or from making laws.

Mr. Mwanza has observed that to try to abdicate the powers of Parliament by trying to force it to withdraw a Bill is an exercise in futility and a sheer waste of time and resources.

“Parliament essentially exists to make laws; and this authority to make laws and to introduce Bills; and the authority to do so has been placed on Parliament by the Constitution itself hence there is absolutely nothing unconstitutional about a bill being introduced in Parliament.” He stated.

This is what the Republican Constitution says:

62. (1) There is established the Parliament of Zambia which consists of the President and the National Assembly.

(2) The legislative authority of the Republic is vested in and
exercised by Parliament.

(3) A person or body, other than Parliament, shall not have
power to enact legislation, except as conferred by this Constitution.

63. (1) Parliament shall enact legislation through Bills passed by the National Assembly and assented to by the President.

64. (1) A Member of Parliament or Minister may introduce a Bill in the National Assembly.



  1. If the bill has to do with the constitution of Zambia, you do not rush to parliament without first getting the authority of the citizens countrywide. The the bogus grouping of imminent persons was illegal and PF managed. This is the reasons why people are resisting it. PF is full of illegalities and this time they want to increas the term of the President to seven years as well as ban HH from standing for elections in Zambia. This is the reason this President went tribal by saying this Tonga aspiring candidate will never be a president ….. Mutilating the constitution in this way must be stopped. We are aware of his schemes.


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