A Zambian copperbelt based Prophet Stepherd M Mesala has warned of massive demostration by the Zambian People if President Edgar Lungu continues on a tragectory of imposing himself on Zambians beyond 2021.

And Prophet Stepherd M Mesala says he is troubled with a dream he has been having of President Edgar Lungu trying to declare a less popular candidate as President in 2021.

Prophet Mesala warned in 2018 that President Edgar Lungu using the ECZ were going to announce figures while declaring a less popular party that is going to form a alliance with as winners of the 2021 General Elections.

But in a Telephone Interview with Zambian Watch, Prophet M Mesala has asked President Edgar Lungu not to dare Zambians in 2021 becauase what is happening in Malawi was mostly likely to happen in Zambia.

Prophet Stepherd M Mesala who has given accurate Prophecies for diffrent countries says Zambians were no longer docile as people might think.

“I just want to reaffirm that President Edgar Lungu is a good man, but he is not good enough for this country. I have said this over and over again, Mr. Lungu has no place in state house after 2021. It belongs to someone else” he said.

“But i’m troubled with this dream of President Edgar Lungu trying to impose a lesser popular candidate as winner. PF and this Party will form an alliance to manage to meet the 50 + 1 in 2021. I can tell you that PF will come third in the 2021 polls; but they are not ready to give up power that easily. There is too much trouble here” he said.

“Then i’m seeing what is bappening in Malawi happening to Zambia! Why this trouble when it can be avoided. Please don’t dare Zambians. Your time is now. Work and leave now because you are rejected beyond 2021” he said.

And Prophet Mesala says what is happening in Malawi is saddening adding that had the country listened to his Prophecy he gave in 2018, the trouble would have been avoided.

Last year Prophet Stepherd M Mesala warned that he was seen a President Position Vacant in Malawi after an Election declaration of a winner.

Yesterday, Malawi President, Peter Mutharika escaped from Kamudzu Palace using private and unofficial convoy following threats from Malawi Defence Forces leaving his Presidecy vacant.

Mutharika is being accused of manipulating the election results in which he emerged the winner.

Source: Zambian Watch



  1. This is actually worry with PF. Everyone can see that they are banking on rigging 2021 elections. They might even take the Kabila route by imposing an undeserving person on Zambia. PFools be warned. We say no to rigging elections. We have had enough. Mr Lungu please stop imposing yourself on a country that does not want you. Timely advise. People must prepare for these eventualities because we are dealing with a desperately wicked leadership.


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