We led a team to see our Alliance partner, Mr Sean Tembo, leader of PeP who is detained at the Lusaka Central police station on a charge of defamation of Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

A warn and caution statement has been recorded but Police insisted that he will only be cleared and possibly police bond considered at around 14:00 hours as they are still investigating the very matter related to defamation.

We sympathise with our men and women in uniform as they are operating under severe pressure from PF Government.

Civil servants have no salaries, children in some higher learning institutions are not learning because lecturers have not been paid their salaries, prices of mealie meal and other essential commodities are ever on the rise and our people remain hopeless, yet we have Mr Lungu claiming leadership focusing even his little energy on misplaced priorities.

This PF Government must leave. 2021 is far because by then the damage would have been done and it will take us centuries to fix. Let us claim our country back. These PF cadres have failed. This is not time to fear.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President.


  1. We have a mountain to climb comrades coz these fools will do anything to derail us but one good thing is God is fighting for us.Remember God can never lose any battle.


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