President Edgar Chagwa Lungu speaks during the tour of Toshiba Energy Systems Keihin Operations in Tokyo,Japan on Tuesday,December 18,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says “Tonga Bulls” should not just go about boasting about being rich, when they were failing to improve the welfare of their traditional leaders in Southern Province.

Lungu was responding to headmen in Mazabuka who requested government, during a meeting to construct and complete palaces in the region, citing stalled works at Mwenda’s Chiefdom.

“You cannot be boasting in town that you are rich, you are a rich Tonga, you are tonga bull, you have got so much money, but why can’t you spare a few to help your chief build a palace, buy a car. That is how we used to do it in the past. What has happened?” wondered Lungu.

However, President Lungu said providing decent accommodation for traditional leaders “is not the responsibility of government alone” – but every citizen as subject of respective chiefdoms.

He has since called on citizens to help government complete the construction of palaces that have halted, while further recalling that subjects in the past used to take care of the welfare of their chiefs.

“So, you are coming from Chief Mwenda, you should help government to finish that structure, together. If you are coming from Chief Mwanachingwala, it’s your responsibility to help us.”

Represented by Monga Village Headman, Oscar Moonga at Zambia Sugar Training Centre on Saturday, the traditional leadership asked government to construct palaces for Chiefs.

Moonga said chiefs are living in dilapidated palaces that need urgent attention.

Credit: Byta FM



  1. Ba Lungu, is it HH’s job to build palaces? Why do you have ministry of chiefs for? isnt it the government of the day which are supposed to take care of the welfare of the chiefs. What has changed now? Is HH the one governing? Ba Kateka mulekwatako insoni.

  2. Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria and Africa but does he build government infrastructure in nigeria? Thats why seer 1 said this government is going to go insane and it looks like its happening.

    • Lungu the humble leader chosen by God.
      Where else in the country should Tonga bull help to build palaces? Or which other sectors should he help to improve? Insoni ebuntu, you failed to build a toilet in chawama when you’re minister….

    • Comment: guys look this is not the new post that you’re debeting on,or commenting on , look carefully on the same picture and read the small words their what is written and you will see that it just who wrote the post to inflict the president . therefore , look at the same picture read again the small words again and calculate ,how main years ago since that picture with it’s small words was written on it and posted ? almost now two years ago Tuesday December 18, 2018 . where you not there in 2018 , to post your comments? What have you seen to comment like that ? Don’t you know how to read and and anarise the massage or paragraphs given to understand the information? Why you all people commenting this time around? because the picture and the information on it in the small words it’s indicating or tells us that the truth of the matter is for some years ago not the new information on the picture is showing. What else have you seen to start commenting like that is it the elections coming ahead for you all people to start commenting today were you not their in 2018 to comment?… just as same as to economy , us we citizen ourselves make not to stabilize the economy our on country we want to gain more in a short period of time at once. eg there some people who are doing some businesses they buy each K12 ,K15 and others they are selling at K18 a used empty 20 litter buckets and contaners and when they with them here they are selling people each backet at K 65 and each contaner at K 50 some they are selling at K 45 each contaner . it’s there of promoting our own Zambian economy up ? I aay yes, if someone he is not doing good in other areas you can comment and witness the truths of the matter in justice and honestly but he can’t be good in all areas. Thanks good morning to everyone and we thank God almighty powers for keeping alive today a new day and let us just put everything in the hand of God almighty powers for everything.

  3. Its good sometimes to shut one’s whisky mouth if rubisn is bound to come out!

    In the same breath you want bill 10 to help chiefs next you want status quo to prevail just because government cant account for the stalled palace rehabilitation projects

    Typical fufufu veve!

  4. Where has HH boasted about his wealth? Is this really a presidential statement to make? Do u know hw many students HH sponsors in tertiary education? HH never uses such terminology as Tonga bull. It’s dimply below his class. He has married only once and that’s that.

  5. Seer 1, come and remove this demonic stuff, you planted in this PF, by the time we go to 2021, they will be alot of confusion and Chinama, wont accommodate all these people. What is going on PF?

  6. Safety Tips : 1) Please ensure that you engage your brain before opening your mouth.
    2) The President uses GRZ money for assisting the people of Zambia including Chiefs.
    3) You can’t blame your girl friend for your dirty clothes.

  7. The type of talk coming from Lungu is a clear exhibit of one with senile dementia and not fit to be president of a country. It totally explains his level of vision and lack of understanding leading to where Zambia is today. It’s you responsibility as President through your Ministry of Chiefs to do that not a private Citizen. Please Mr Lungu, do not compare your riches to HHs, Your are extremely dubious, he worked for them. He has a track record and can account for his riches, you have neither. If you do not have anything to say , Shut Up for goodness sake and continue to defend thief who are tying to launder money through the courts given you birds of the same feathers. I bet the jeoalous…

  8. It is such a juvenile statement it is depressing. You encourage and support your government to steal from public coffers and then you blame private citizens for not using their own money to provide public services. The tax payers money that is stolen from government coffers could have been used to provide those public services. Does it occur to you that rich private citizens already pay a lot of money in taxes that could be used to provide public services if your government was not so corrupt. It seems that your obsession with HH causes you to lose control.

  9. Zambians, the guy truly has no vision.
    The question is given he has failed to run and manage the country. When he took over the country’s coufers were still full, the economy was kicking and both the public and private sectors were all firing at full throttle until he came in and asked everyone to start stealing like him. Let Lungu come out openly and tell the Zambian people what it is that he wants to do if voted for another term. Let him tell us where the money has gone and why couldn’t stop the looting. If he can’t he should stop wasting fuel flying around or else the fuel is using flying around will be added to his account of looted resources given it’s not be used on productive ventures but campaigns when it’s not time for campaigns but working. Flying around buying off counselors with public money is not working.

  10. The man, is he limping? He collects taxes and he ought to have priorities. Just a few days ago he threw K30m at artists – youth without any prior planning. He allowed ZCCM -IH to give away our Gold to foreigners instead of asking parliament for increased funds to pump into ZCCM -IH to build capacity in order to champion the needed financial growth of Zambia through Gold mining, processing and sales and storage for a rainy day. HH and other well off Zambians do not collect taxes like himself. Why did he take on the job to be president when he incapable of basic analysis of things to improve Zambia, such as firing corrupt ministers, and making the dodgy ministers who were illegally in office to payback, and to punish all the beneficiaries of the over prices fire tenders, ambulances, and clear Chitalu from the public office for good?


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