Mamady Doumbouya the strong man of Guinea, the man of the moment has sent strong words of caution to the Ugandan dictator, Yoweri Museveni who continues to poke his nose into another foreign country’s affairs.

It is alleged that the Ugandan Leader is culpable of the same offense Alpha Conde committed to extending his grip on power.

Guinea Military Leader opined: “We respect you as ECOWAS but we will not take your orders. Don’t assume powers you don’t have…Guinea is an independent nation, t’s not your family business where you will go around dictating.

The Army removed a dictator who changed our constitution to remain in power; the people are up to now celebrating his downfall, why do you want us to restore his Government yet people are against him, go on the streets of Conakry and talk to people and you will know their position.

Please stop dictating don’t lecture us on democracy. ECOWAS and AU are a batch of dictators with the mentality of occupying and colonizing Africans. Dictators think they will rule African countries as if they are running their families.

We are closely following the events and we have learned that Museveni hasn’t slept ever since we took overpower. He has been calling fellow dictators to undermine our leadership

Museveni should instead focus on his country and rebuild it since he destroyed it long ago to the extent that there is no constitutional order in Uganda. Museveni is the constitution in Uganda and he is still protected by AU a batch of tyrants on our Continent.

Museveni’s family rule in Uganda, he dominates everything, and Ugandans have suffered under his hands.

Dictator Museveni is writing missives against us accusing us of being backed by western powers, but he is the real agent of the western powers…He was used to gathering Intelligence on Omar Al Bashir, he was used by the west to spy on Gadaffi..and he is still doing more for the west.

If Museveni is working for the west, he is the kind of puppet leader who doesn’t know his place in history and is responsible for the death of Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba, Museveni is a traitor to the new African order…If he continues his outbursts against us, we have more capabilities to undermine him on the African continent and beyond including ending his tyrannical missile in Uganda.

For Museveni and his fellow African dictators at AU, Please stop interfering in the affairs of Guinea, stop lecturing us on democracy, stop your colonial mentality, concentrate on fighting poverty in your countries, and serving our people well on this Continent, they are suffering. Museveni, you have tainted your legacy and you have destroyed all your achievements and credibility.“


  1. In current African presidents, this despot and worsed dictator is the least person to talk about democracy. He came to power through the same means of coup. 35 years on power and still sticking on it like a tick. This guy is the worst dictator in Africa. Last year election was the worsed ever happened in Uganda. Apart from openly and viciously rigging Bobi wine out, he used his son who is head of military, to silence opposition by jailing, torturing, killing, kidnapping and making some to disappear without trace to date. AU was mute. Pliz M7 just shut up. Every monkey has its own day and when it comes, all the trees in the forest become slippery. Meanwhile, enjoy ba mudala.

  2. Indeed AU only wants to act at the tail end of problems caused by some presidents who violate the constitutions of their countries. When leaders violate the constitutional mandates, AU is often mute but wakes up using tainted leaders like Museveni to lecture those who finally choose to use military means to remove dictators from power. AU should not be used to cover the atrocities of dictators. This is what leads to a cycle of military coups. We need strong institutional mechanism to stop known dictator from violating the constitutions of their countries and to stop stealing votes for their continued dictatorships using electoral bodies

  3. I like Mamady Doumbouya. Nigga is correcting shit. All the judges that supported the deposed leader were fired.
    He is making sure the country is set on the right path. Just like Jerry John Rawlings of Ghana. Ghana’s democracy is due to Jerry John Rawlings

  4. The AU is a club for ruling political party leaders and their surrogates to keep ruling various African countries even when such leaders violate most of the AU governance and rule of law provisions. That is why we had a Zambian AU ambassador who was a PF party cadre. A total overhaul of the AU is needed. The AU is not serving the interests of the vast majority of African citizens. The AU will not protect or support the opposition in any country even when it is clear that the opposition is being harassed by the ruling party. Many African presidents change country constitutions to extend their stay in power or to disadvantage opposition in elections.

  5. All the idiots who impose themselves on citizens must either face the bullet or the likes of 2021 Zambian voters. Every time I reflect on the 12th August, I fail to hold myself from laughing at those who promised to hand power to themselves and win elections by a margin of 500,000. Since all they know is dununa rverse, may be they were counting numbers in reverse that is how they won by 000,005 votes. Kikikikikiki. Awe ba Zambia muli bakali, mwalitamfya ba mwankole mwibala.


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