REPUBLICAN Progressive Party – RPP President James Lukuku has dared President Edgar Lungu not to sell the country’s only oil refinery because of its sensitivity to the national economy because every economic sector evolves around oil. He has charged that only a foreigner would offload such an important institution, hence giving credibility to the people questioning Lungu’s nationality.

Indeni has been put on sale with different stakeholders bidding but some analysts say that Chinese firm Avic is the main frontrunner and preferred bidder by the state. Avic, which has several construction contracts in the country has come under serious criticism from Zambians. The company is accused of increased corruption and rampant disrespect of workers’ rights as evidenced recently in Kabwe when labour commissioner Mulenga Kaziya picked up a brawl with one senior Chinese official at one Avic site in Kabwe.

“Its extreme stupendous irresponsibility for Edgar Lungu and his millipede minded comrades to consider offloading Indeni Oil Refinery to foreign corporate hegemonies. We wonder if people agitating that Edgar Lungu is a foreigner, going by this kind of irresponsibility which can only be undertaken by a person whose love interest and duty is vested outside the border of any republic. Are you a foreigner or not Mr. Edgar Lungu?” asked Musendeka.

He charged that people world over are fighting for oil all simply because oil is life. Oil is economy, oil is you and me, its media, its hospital, its police, its government , it’s the definition of modern civilisation. Lukuku said that although there are other four blue print bidders, Avic will certainly get the contract.

He has urged Lungu to take a leaf from his predecessor Michael Sata who reversed the sale of Zamtel to Libyan giant, Lap Green Network – LPN after realising that it was not in national interest.


  1. You can not think about selling Indeni and NRDC if you are a Zambian. One can only think about selling these institutions if the objective is to cripple the economy. At times I wonder why some small colleges are being turned into universities when NRDC is almost a University already.


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