maiko zulu


We have an opportunity as voters to dictate the structure of our next Central Government, Parliament and Local Government when we vote on August 12th this year. Campaigns are technically in full swing as aspiring candidates and parties are already bracing themselves and positioning themselves for positions outside of the official campaign period.

Serious questions have to be asked as to how we want to usher in the next set of public leaders. Past elections have had a pattern of emotional voting where we often times voted for parties as opposed to people and the results are there for all to see. Some of the candidates we ushered into office have been disasters and have not added any value to public service. In other instances we voted for songs, chitenge and hoodies as opposed to issues that would haunt us for the next 5 years.

Well, here we are. The cycle has began all over again. The once tinted vehicles have clear glass windows and the shoes that never touched soil are suddenly making prints in our muddy areas. The cash that has never been in people’s pockets is now being dangled in piecemeal as if it’s a way of catching unsuspecting mice. Those that want power and those that want to hold onto power are all over.

The beauty about democracy is that we are at liberty to vote for mediocrity and bad governance. We are at liberty to vote for a debt dependent government and we are at liberty to vote for people that will have the audacity to poison us with expired medicines. We are even at liberty to vote for bad service delivery, graft and compromised public institutions. Yes we are at liberty to vote for lawmakers that will introduce draconian laws as much as we are at liberty to vote for leaderships that do not prioritise matters to do with the youth. However, we are also at liberty to vote for quality leadership which is the recipe for good governance and a gateway to positive human and national development.

What we sow, we shall reap. Do the right thing on August 12th!



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