Dora Siliya

The Zambian government has sought to strike a reconciliation tone after US Ambassador Daniel Foote threatened that Washington may review its cooperation with Zambia as the gay rights row deepened.

Earlier on Monday, Mr. Foote in a rare press conference explosively revealed that Zambia and US relations are decaying and are now strained.

But the Zambian government says it still considers the US government as a friend.

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya says the long-standing cordial relations between Zambia and the US has always been considered a partnership between friends.

“Any difference of opinion on any matter has always been expected to be admirably resolver including agreeing to disagree,” Ms Siliya said.

Earlier, Ms Siliya has maintained that homosexuality is Illegal in Zambia and that Government stands by the Zambian people who have said no to homosexuality even though the latest Constitution review process.

Ms Siliya said that as President Edgar Lungu told SKY FM in an interview standing firm against the Order of Nature does not make Zambians uncivilised.

According to a tweet, Ms Siliya who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister, said Zambians Love their God and until Zambians change homosexuality is illegal.

Yesterday, President Edgar Lungu said Zambia will not be forced to legalise homosexuality for fear of losing Aid.

President Lungu said that it will be wrong to tie aid to the introduction of homosexuality in Zambia because the country has traditions and values which should be respected, adding that American Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote went too far by insulting the collective wisdom of the Zambian people in the manner he commented on the issue.

Below is the latest Government statement on the issue







  1. But this out burst by PF is wrongly directed, Foote’s statement compared the court’s sentencing of gays to 15 years imprisonment yet day-light criminal who have killed in cold blood walk the streets freely because they are PF cadres. PF is not Zambia. The views spelt by Dora Siliya are PF views not Zambians’ views because Zambian have been intimidated to the core to speak out their views.

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