Dear UPND Members,
Good evening sorry to what has happened to us here in kasenengwa candidate.

On Monday i was with Dr Banda for a briefing at chiparamba after briefing Dr Banda told me that he was going back to lusaka and he was going to be back night of Tuesday for nomination but I refused and I called the district chairman that let us not allow him to go to lusaka because anything can happen and I also informed the provincial chairman who told me that Dr Banda had already left for lusaka then I called him, he answered me that he is already in nyimba then I told him to ring me when in lusaka.

He phoned me that he arrived safely at 01:45hrs. So in short he was not sincere with us.

There was something fishing in lusaka. So please let us not blame any one.

We had even found another candidate and the president (HH) was prepared to charter a plane but ZAF to clear the plane was to take five hours and from lusaka to chipata it’s 1hr: 30min so you can imagine the party was doing in order for us to file.

I want to thank the president, hon khombo, levy ngoma and SG and others who were part of this effort.

So please the party had tried hard but things couldn’t work. Please let be United than before.

No one should be blamed. The only bad person is Dr Banda if he didn’t want he would have informed us that he was not going to stand but now we know that he is corrupt and was bribed by the PF not to stand. Thanks.



  1. When dealing with PF we must always remember that we dealing with criminals. When they do an evil thing like this, they think they are clever. That is PF for you. They are a bunch base fellows.

  2. Dear do you have evidence to the allegations you are making ? Or as usual you are blaming the PF for your failures . what Dr. Banda sees no future in working with the upnd then you choose to blame PF. Sir be sincere even you know that upnd is a titanic


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