The National Democratic Congress, NDC, President Dr. Chishimba Kambwili has called on the Members of Parliament to reject the 15 billion Kwacha proposed supplementary budget as it is not prioritising the current needs of the people.

‘What does the Supplementary budget hope to achieve? They have allocated money for production of bullets and yet we are not at war. Is Zambia at war for them to allocate money for production of bullets?’ The NDC leader asked.

‘What stimulus packages have they put in place for people and businesses that have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic? The bar owners, landlords who rent out such premises, the youth, women and others, to cushion the lack of jobs and income. Why not look for money to help out all these people than to start producing bullets?’ He asked.

‘We have over 60,000 unemployed teachers on the streets and over 40,000 trained nurses on the streets and government says that it cannot employ them because of lack of money. Then they make a supplementary budget for bullets instead of employing our jobless trained professionals,’ he said.

The NDC president bemoaned the lack of electricity in the country and expressed concern that Zambia had become a laughing stock due to the constant bad decisions that the PF government was making.

‘They have also allocated K5.7 billion for debt serving and have not given details of how that will be used. How much does government owe local contractors and how much does it intend to pay them from this money? Some of them have not been paid from 2016. Or is the money meant to only service the loans and not pay local contractors? They need to give us details. How is it that the PF has so much money to buy chitenges, mealie meal and others to give to electorates in the by elections and yet cannot pay their local debt?’ he asked.

The NDC president is also disappointed that the PF has politicised the mealie meal at DMMU and all PF MPs are being given mealie meal and yet their areas have not been declared as disaster areas.

‘Why are they only giving the PF MPs mealie meal to distribute in their areas and they are not giving the UPND MPs? I appeal to all MPs to refuse to approve this supplementary budget because it does not represent the priorities in our economy,’ the NDC President said.

Issued by Saboi Imboela
Spokesperson- NDC



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