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Sean Tembo can be a little prickle. But he has every right to be so. And today he seems to be one of the most insulted, hated and criticised politician by the supporters of those in government.

Ecclesiastes teaches that there is “a time to be silent and a time to speak”. However, Ecclesiastes doesn’t give guidance as to which situations merit which response. Each situation becomes a judgment call. And we should ask ourselves: will my voice make a difference?
I believe we should consider the well-being of those who will be impacted by our decision not to speak up.

By remaining silent when faced with deception, lies, false promises and unfairness, we are neither fair to others nor loyal to ourselves and our values. We should never be afraid to raise our voices for honesty and truth and compassion against deception, false promises and lying. If all the citizens of this country were able to do this, it would change our country.

Sean’s voice matters. He has the right to say what he thinks, share information and demand a better society. He also has the right to agree or disagree with those in power, and to express these opinions.

Exercising these rights – without fear or unlawful interference – is central to living in an open and fair society; one in which people can enjoy their human rights.Yet we routinely come down heavily on people like Sean – or worse – for speaking out. How those in government and their supporters tolerate unfavourable views or critical voices is often a good indication of how they treat human rights generally.

Fred M’membe


  1. Dr Member you have made a good observation. Right now it is difficult to see the difference between UPND and PF when it comes to tolerating unfavorable views of the present government. The same way we saw PF is the same way UPND are behaving. In fact for a very long time they have been insulting those who don’t seem to side with them.
    Give space to everyone with different views .It is their democratic right.

    • You must be blind for you not to see the difference between UPND and pf. Had it been the time of the brutal pf reign of terror, sean would have been visited by the police. He can speak in this manner because there is freedom of speech. So when sean is reminded that he should not insult his fellow Zambians by calling them cows, Is that wrong?
      Oh by the way it is our democratic right to insult him back, isn’t it?

  2. The freedom of expression should not be used to insult others by saying they have cow mentality!! Otherwise Sean Tembo has and should continue expressing his views.However the others including UPND members have a right to express their opposition to Sean Tembo and M’membe’s views. When Sean Tembo uses public media to express his views, those who have different views will also use public media and social media to react to Sean Tembo views!! Tembo and his opponents have all the same rights of freedom of expression!!

  3. Ba Fred, it is a great pleasure reading your thoughts on these very important topics regarding our beloved country.

    While appreciating your advise may I also add that over the past few years the characteritics of some, so called opposition leaders has been exposed and we the citizens were able to see clearly their siding with the wrongs in the previous government instead of protecting the rights of the citizens. They kept silent and enjoyed the benefits provided to them by the brutalizing previous government. I am sure very few of them or non came out to speak against the injustice of closing your important institution which was instrumental in fighting the injustice on the Zambian masses.

    This biased attitude resulted in the voters not trusting the players involved as they cast a blind eye to issues that really mattered. That’s why we voted overwhelmingly for the current government.

    Naturally, every thing spoken by an individual who has openly, declared that he would never be ruled by a Tonga, and continues to use a tone which undermines the tribe where the current President comes from is difficult to listen to as a neutral voice.

    This brings me to the importance of having a mature opposition which will discuss issues affecting the masses, not just attacking a person. This means we graduate from politics of individuals to policy issues so that citizens begin to discuss governance issues and not about a leader being a half Economist . Neither do we want to hear about certain citizens having a cow mentality. What is the relevance of saying this except to embarrass and hurt someone’s feelings. Naturally, some people will hit back and it may not be kindly.

    What we expect you and your fellow opposition leaders is to come together and offer an alternative voice which can give checks and balances that matter and not the disjointed approach we are seeing today.

    Unless this is done, like Mr. Sangwa alluded to, UPND will not have an effective opposition to challenge them and ultimately, we the shareholders of Zambia will missed out on the best solutions to be offered as it would be a one sided afair.

    My honest opinion.


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