MINISTER of Health Chitalu Chilufya has been dragged to court for allegedly issuing defamatory words against former Health Professionals Council of Zambia (HPCZ) Registrar Aaron Mujajati.

In a statement of claim filed before the Lusaka High court, Dr. Mujajati is claiming damages and an injunction restraining Dr. Chilufya from issuing further defamatory words.

He claimed that on or about January 18, this year, Dr Chilufya allegedly issued false and malicious statements to the media against him by way of an innuendo following his closure of medical institutions.

The said innuendos suggested that Dr Mujajati’s conduct amounted to lawlessness that cannot be condoned among other things.

Dr Mujajati claimed the minister’s words in their natural and ordinary meaning are understood to mean that he is a tyrant, proud, self-proclaimed irrational, inhumane policeman, detached from reality.

Dr. Mujajati said Dr Chilufya ought to have known that the allegations that he is incompetent and irrational are untrue adding that the exorbitant fees charged on hospitals by HPCZ were approved by his own hand.

Dr. Mujajati now claims damages for defamation, and interest on the amount to be determined at the commercial banking rate as well as an injunction restraining the minister whether by himself, his servants or agents from making any defamatory remarks against him. – DN



  1. When Mujajati was introducing those other exams, he called them a paradigm shift and we as parents had to just abide, I think today I would tell Mujajati to accept his fate as a paradigm shift.

  2. Intra-professional and inter-personal differences are now beginning to show among some of the vital health professions in the country and world-wide. Medical profession cannot afford to showcase such selfish characteristics because not only is against code of health practice but endangers the health status of innocent and genuine health-seeking people within the country and jeopardizes the effective roles of other health service practitioners.
    For a ground player to penalize the referee, it means the referee has done something terrible that is very feasible to all that have paid heavily to watch the players. At the same time, all players get onto the playground with trust to the appointed referee to coordinate the game with fairness. It is therefore not right for a single player that commits a serious foul play and deserves to be penalized to stand and ooze out a condemning noise that the referee is wrong for laying-off the single player from the game for a serious foul play. If anything to be done, the chucked out player should just go out of the ground in a sober minded state and perhaps later, without the knowledge of the spectators solve the issue between the two. Spectators are honest and very decent people that are attracted and driven by natural desire to watch the game.
    Mujajati is one of the players while Minister of Health is the game referee, the game is health service provision and the audience is the honest people that go to health service stadium to receive that health service.
    Please, referee and one single player, spare the other many health players and honesty audience from your intra-professional and interpersonal differences to preserve the integrity of the game being played and also the playground itself.


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