By The New MMD Media Team.

There was jubilation today among the provincial, local ward, branch and district officials of the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy, who converged at Lowenthal Theatre in Ndola to welcome their Party President, Dr.Nevers Sekwila Mumba, who went to visit them as part of his scheduled Nation wide tour.

The Card carrying members expressed joy at the event and were happy that following the landmark rulings at the Supreme Court and CONCOURT, the former ruling party was finally able to carry out its mobilisation and structure inspection exercises.

In attendance also were the Party Vice President, Mr Reuben Sambo, the National Secretary Mdm Winnie Zaloumis, the National Treasurer Hon Elizabeth Chitika, as well as provincial Chairperson for the Copperbelt Mr Denson Chisunka. Others included provincial chairs from other provinces such as Western Province and a host of provincial and district officials from Ndola.

In addressing the members, the MMD leader thanked them for their resilience and for maintenance faith in the party at its darkest times.

In his opening remarks, Copperbelt provincial chairman, Mr.Denson Chisunka thanked the President and his team for kickstarting the exercise in the copperbelt, while he reiterated that despite the Mutati led, attempted and now failed coup de tat on his leadership, Dr. Mumba had shown that he is a brave, very measured, and Moral leader and that all the genuine MMD members were firmly behind his leadership.

The MMD has been embroiled in a tag of war with Two factions battling it out in court for legitimate control of the party. So far, all the court rulings have been won by Dr. Nevers Mumba and his legal team while the Mutati group have been making appeal after appeal.


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