A bride has shocked people across various social media platforms after she took to the wedding group she created to inform her family and friends that she has cancelled her wedding till further notice but plans to use the money donated by friends and family to go on a honeymoon.

The bride, whose name is given as Pam, informed the members of her wedding group that she and her fiance Edward were cancelling the wedding to go on a honeymoon first with the over $30,000 donated, approximate to N10.8m (Nigeria money) by friends and family towards the wedding.

She said after they return from the honeymoon and “regain financial stability and hold calm in our hearts”, they will announce a new wedding date.

She went on to tell her family and friends that she expects them all to donate towards the new wedding date.

Well, her loved ones were not in support and some asked for their money back. But the entitled bride got angry, called out her loved ones for demanding back money that they gave as a gift, then told them she wasn’t going to answer any of their calls or messages.

She even refused to listen when the groom’s grandmother and her own mother asked her to pick their calls so they could reason with her.

Later, she returned to the group to call out her loved ones after the story went viral. She blasted them for leaking her story to Reddit then told them that their actions landed her in hospital. She then told them they owe it to her to pay her medical bills.

Below are screenshots of the shocking chat between the bride, her bridesmaids, her friends, the groom’s friends, and other members of their family.



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