Democratic Republic of Congo opposition has accused authorities in the country of torching the warehouse of the electoral commission following fire that swept through the centre in the early hours of Thursday.

Elections materials designated for the capital Kinshasa estimated in quantities of 8,000 machines and other materials including vehicles were burnt in the fire.

The opposition allege that President Joseph Kabila’s men where responsible for the plot which is aimed at destabilizing the December 23 election.

“As opposition we know its an inside job done by authorities and the electoral commission to blame the opposition and fix a way to blame other candidates especially Martin Fayulu.

“They didn’t expect he will have such big popularity that is why campaigning in east DRC with tremendous support shocked them,” Nono Nlandu, the Southern African presidential campaign director for Fayulu, said.

The opposition says it is impossible the opposition could have torched the warehouse, located in Gombe Kinshasa, an area where President Kabila resides.

It is also understood that the electoral commission warehouse is guarded by the elite Presidential guard every day and night.


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