Former DR Congo president Joseph Kabila and his successor Felix Tshisekedi have struck a deal in which Kabila is guaranteed immunity from prosecution for any of the alleged crimes committed during his 18 year rule.

The deal will also see an amendment to the constitution which will result in future presidents being elected through parliament, sources in Kinshasa have disclosed.

The deal has so far been endorsed by Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt but there has been no luck with the fourth country South Africa who have insisted they want thorough details of the agreement and its implications on the Congolese.

“What is happening is sad and may lead to further instability. Kabila is afraid of being prosecuted for the crimes he committed so as part of what he’s agreed with Felix Tshisekedi, the constitution will be changed to ensure 100 percent immunity,” the sources said.

“And since Kabila still has plans of bouncing back as president, he wants the constitution to be amended so that future presidents are elected through parliament. Kabila knows he controls the Congolese parliament since his party has the majority so he’s effectively guaranteed of a smooth re-election after 5 years as president.”

“This deal was facilitated by Kenya. Tanzania and Egypt are other witnesses but South Africa have refused because Kabila rejected former president Thabo Mbeki as a mediator with the opposition.”

The sources called for other African countries to keep interest in the political situation in the DR Congo.


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