A Kabwe driver who plunged into Buseko Market last year and killed 12 people due to excessive speed has been fined K9,000 or in default six months simple imprisonment.

Lusaka High Court judge Ruth Chibbabuka passed the verdict on Elias Sikwenda who was charged with 12 counts of causing death by dangerous driving when he plunged into a bar at Buseko Market, killing 12 people who were watching football.

When he first appeared, he denied the charge but later admitted it.

Facts of the matter are that Mr. Sikwenda on October 25, 2019 caused the death of Michael Mulenga, Charles Kunda, Fredrick Mwana, Jack Phiri, Sam Mbewe, Chileshe Bwalya, Given Simovwa, Silota Mwanagombe, Steven Zimba, Brian Chabala, Frank Jere and Aswell Banda.

The accident, according to the police, happened after a truck belonging to BHL, which was being driven by Mr. Sikwenda, lost control due to excessive speed when he tried to avoid a truck that was reversing into Lumumba road at Puma Service Station near Buseko market.

The truck careered off the road and hit into a parked Corolla, a Zesco Pole and finally into a bar, 30 meters away from the road where patrons gathered to watch a football match.

Mr. Sikwenda is alleged to have been driving in a manner which is dangerous to the public and other road users, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, including the nature, condition and use of the road and the amount of traffic which might reasonably be expected to be on the said road at the time.

Judge Chibbabuka convicted Mr. Sikwenda upon his own admission of guilt and confirmation that the facts of the mater were true and correct.

Mr. Sikwenda’s lawyer William Nyirenda, Sikwenda asked the court for lenience on behalf of his client as his employers have compensated the affected families and met all funeral expenses.

In passing sentence, judge Chibbabuka fined Mr. Sikwenda K9,000 or in default to serve six months simple imprisonment.


  1. There is no mention of disqualification from driving! I think, with so much human life lost as a result of reckless driving, there should always follow a ‘banning Order’ from driving. To resume driving, road safety training should be mandatory.

  2. 6 months for killing 12 people due to overspeeding against jailing a teenage girl 15 years for possession of Marijuana? Where is justice here?


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