National Assembly


By Nick Phiri
The PF has failed to bribe more MPs to vote and support their dustbin bill and have since deferred to 2020 as Koswe earlier reported.

After Koswe exposing some of their moves involving buying of MPs and also MPs fearing to be exposed, the PF has finally moved the bill to 2020.

Koswe put up a spirit reporting about corruption money which was flying around and both PF and OP MPs declined to get the money today.

Now only two monkeys namely Teddy Kasonso and Geoffrey Lungwangwa are looking like donkeys in the desert in parliament today as their two votes were not going to help PF pass the evil bill.

More normal PF MPs and those that Lungu and Kaizar Zulu have said will not be adopted were also ready to walk out of parliament today together with the UPND and the opposition except for Kasonso and Lungwangwa.