National Action for Quality Education in Zambia [NAQEZ] condemns what is
happening in Muchinga Province, where the Provincial Education Officer
[P.E.O] is forcing all teachers to contribute money for the purpose of buying 2
buses for his office.

Our impeccable sources have revealed that teachers in administration will be
required to pay K300 while class teachers will donate K50 each.
NAQEZ finds this activity highly odd and abusive. We therefore call upon the
Minister of Education to immediately put a stop to this unusual

From where we stand, it has never been the responsibility of teachers to buy
vehicles for the Ministry. Even if it was their responsibility, it is not ideal to
ask teachers to contribute money now as they are going through hard
economic times.

On the other hand, we maintain that the Teaching Council of Zambia [TCZ]
must extend the period from 31st May to 31st December, 2018 in which
teachers must be able to pay for their practicing certificates.
We appeal to the council to be considerate and allow our teachers to pay
these exorbitant fees in installments. Forcing teachers to pay at once will
leave them in more economic hardships and this will ultimately affect their
output in class.
Issued by:
NAQEZ Executive Director
0979 552885/ 0969 896491.


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