By Koswe

EEP Party leader Chilufya Tayali is captured in a hotel in Ethiopia with his belt going down as he gets ready to fire the wife to be.

The picture was taken by his wife also known as Queen Sheba.

Koswe wishes Tayali an early firing and moment at this point in time.

NB: EEP Leader, Chilufya Tayali posted the picture below himself on his Facebook page as captured by the wife to be.



  1. Oke on this one ba Koswe, please give the Guy some space, though I would also advise him to keep his private affair away from social media if he has to have peace because while it is good for him to marry and settle down the publicity will also attract detractors who would want him to fail even in his marriage, so ba Tayali find a shibukombe (go between) to teach you some of these things especially privacy in matters that have to do with your marriage, I wish you all the best and please fasten your belt.


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