By Veronica Mwale cic ptivate reporter

Copperbelt~ Kalulushi


ECL says he was not aware of his MPs and Ministers dishing out hard cash in Constituencies and other public places. He has since halted the trend.
Who would believe him as telling the truth when a couple of weeks ago he sent Lusambo to Ndola with stucks of money?

In the recent past, we have noticed the giving out of money to the public, and Bowman Lusambo was among such giving out money.

Lusambo In Ndola he displayed huge stucks of money and mentioned that it was from the ” boss” according to the testimony on the live streaming on Facebook when they were on this corruption crusade. The money itself is coming from the PF sources, and a question arises as to where this money actually comes from because PF is known for kickbacks.

The entire move to give money with a motive to have people vote for PF is a worrying matter to be taken note by the electoral commission of Zambia, and all the evidence is being kept to this effect. Certainly, this does not create a level playing ground because PF are corruptly advantaging themselves. Honorable Garry Nkombo did raise this issue in parliament.

The sudden backtracking of the excercise by the president is as a result of PF realising that the world is watching especially after failing to pay the loans.
This amounts to an irresponsible government which does not account for its expenditures. The backtracking is also meant to portray a deceptive picture that pf is a responsible government when in actuality, they are just the opposite.

There are more monies being given for youth empowerment in order to equally corrupt the minds of youths who will turn out in million on the 12th of August in order to decide and determine the future of their destiny and that of mother Zambia. The youths in Zambia have been marginalize and left to loiter in the streets because there are no industries to take them on despite having qualifications. There are no clearly defined policies and directions in as far as the youth unemployment challenge is concerned. In a country endowed with so much wealth, the government had totally failed to initiate business and industries which can create jobs for all the youths.

Zambia needs a dedicated, serious and focused leadership whose interest is the people of Zambia and not just themselves with their relatives and friends. Most of the people who are supporting PF today are only those benefiting from the PF evil system. God has blessed Zambia and just needs good governance which the UPND under the leadership off HH will save Zambia from the destruction it has been thrown in by PF. The opposition offers cheques and balances so that the government should not be asleep. Instead of working on the constructive and corrective criticism, the pf perceives the opposition as eternal enemies instead of partners in development. Such an attitude is what has finally got Zambia literally crawling on its knees. The dependency syndrome is so deeply rooted such that even in the national budget, they include money to be received from the donor community.

Zambians have a golden opportunity to redeem themselves once again in August with a leader who clearly has the vision to take Zambia forward. Forget about the childish tribalism because most of these same hypocrites have Tonga wives, and uncalled for cheap propaganda is nonsense. One Zambia – One Nation.

Our borrowed national anthem is actually more of a prophetic declaration which needs pragmatism.

Meanwhile, if the distribution of money continues, we encourage the people to get it but don’t vote for PF .


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