Betrayal of trust by Eastern Province political Gurus can never be ignored especially after ECL lost an election in a painful way.

It is embarrassing and disgusting to see high levels of betrayal of trust of former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu by Eastern Province political Gurus.

The former president thought he was well represented by Eastern Province political leaders when infact he was being stabbed in the back everyday. They never loved him nor supported him. The biggest issue was petty jelousy and luck of appreciation. Even some clergy fought their son during every mass or preaching instead of embracing him as their own.shame.

The people that ECL entrusted with leadership in the province were living double standard. It is surprising that even those that were trusted to be presidential campaign managers decampaigned the President by dinning with UPND Candidates during the general elections.

Today people like Peter Daka have the audacity to talk ill about the former president ECL just because he wants a job from HH. UPND should never trust Peter Daka,he is a snake in green grass.Even when ECL has done so much for him,he is going round Lusangazi and kaumbwe insulting ECL and the PF leadership.
The man has no sense of pride or shame, he is a shameless pathological liar who can not be trusted by anyone. He is a betrayer who deserves no forgiveness. How can a normal person betray his own brother who meant well for him? Such politicians have the potential to sell their soul to the devil just to see their own elder brother suffer more.Peter Daka is not a good example of principled leaders but one who is misleading young politicians who are just starting their political journey.

Eastern Province has always been led by elders in politics who have failed to unite it. It has always produced leaders who are always indecisive,people like Peter Daka, Panji Kaunda, Mkondo Lungu, honorable Lameck Mangani,Bizwayo Nkunika, Alexander Miti to mention but few,have failed to show proper leadership to the young generation.

We have people still serving as members of the central committee in PF when infact they are of no tangible use in the party because of their double tongued dealings. It’s no secret that honorable Vincent Mwale is the biggest political terrorist in PF and a danger to the party. He messed the election and surprisingly,was appointed elections chairperson of the prty.wherr are we going with such leaders? Is the the rebranding we want?

Many, including the former president, were deceived by his sweet eloquent talk, sugar coated with fake loyalty.

If the party has to rebrand, the party President should understand the pain of the people in the structures.

We have nothing to lose now and let us speak in a painful way because we want to correct the mistakes that made us to lose the elections. Actually I warned the party in 2019 that losing was going to be painful. Here we are now. The people or leaders that bootlicked the President are nowhere to be found.

As if that was all, Zumani Zimba, Political Advisor to the President,was the worst person we all hated with passion. Everytime that the President visited the province, Zumani behaved as tho he was President himself. He insulted and shouted at the party officials and no one had access to the President except him and a few selfish individuals around the President. We hated our own President because we felt orphans.

Zumani was the worst choice the President made to manage the political terrain of the PF. He messed up. Only God can forgive him not us. We are hurt that our president lost an election which zumani and Siyo mismanaged. The PF Secretariat was reduced to a mare office and did not even know what was happening during elections. The Secretariat was in the dark as Zumani ran the campaigns from State house.

The Goza issue that Zumani Zimba managed was an animal which ate us at the end because they used it to milk the President of millions of kwachas just to enrich themselves.The president was vulnerable because all the people he trusted had schemed against him instead.

When PF lost,only the disgruntled and distressed few individuals gathered around ECL everyday because he was lonely. Those he trusted could not pick up his calls anymore.Beyrayal of trust.

Selfishness killed us.we had stopped listening to the structures on the ground

Thank God for a few bold members who have stood the test of time,people like Given Lubinda, Steven kampyongo,Raphael Nakachinda,masuaso Tembo to rebrand the party in times of tribulations.


  1. ECL knew what was happening so no one betrayed him. How could he appoint ba Davis Mwila as SG.Why is it that all people who stood as independents in Eastern won and PF lost. It was the choice of MPs and remember that money stopped trickling to a common man.Simple caders like Max,Kalimanshi and others became rich suddenly.KCM sager of millions and faith millions.A few started becoming rich. The national cake was being eaten by a few.Jobs for relatives in major companies and suppling being done by who you know.The rest is history as they say.

  2. Blame, blame, blame. These pathetic people do not realise that the PF brand was unsellable. Lungu himself was to blame. It has nothing to do with his appointees. The country warned you. They told you to rest the man and choose someone else because he had already been elected twice. You did not listen. Instead, you listened to the spineless, unqualified Lungu appointed Constitutional Court judges. Their defective judgement blinded you. People bided their time and waited for 12 August. They pounced!

  3. He new exactly what was happening but made no decisions. Those loud mouths you think will re-brand the party pf, a joke because the are tribal in their messages and the same killed President Lungu. They are also quickly sinking the ship because of their shameless rhetoric and divisive tribal lies. Good luck my friend

  4. The one issue which contributed to the loss on large scale was the SILLY THIRD TERM ISSUE!! you guys convinced yourselve that it is OK while the whole country said no.

    It did not matter that the constitutional court endorsed it. He still failed lamentably.

    You seem to be looking in the wrong place. Ask the opinion of your honest and sober, they will be truthful to you.

  5. Independence is there waiting for them the whole intire leadership of the PF and pastors for Lungu on the 18th October National day of prayers. Let the PF draw up in masses going for repentance and reconciliation among themselves.


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