By: Anthony Bwalya.

Over the past few days, we have had Patriotic Front (PF) exposing their lack of critical analysis of problem situations, as well as their inability to correctly, honestly and holistically evaluate and interpret problem situations. This perhaps begins to explain why the country is a real mess. The PF is short on critical thinkers.

I have deliberately extracted lines from the much quotes EIU analysis paper so that the Zambian public can see for themselves the hell – hole the country is headed towards under the PF leadership.


“With Mr Lungu’s popular support looking weaker than ever, we expect elections to be neither free nor fair, with the government making maximal use of its incumbency advantages.”

This is the clearest indication yet, that the PF are NOT capable of winning a FREE AND FAIR election. This is why they have sought to massage the electoral environment in their favour using the disgraced NDF platform. This goes to showing why the PF were intent on shrinking the campaign period from the original 90 to 60 days because they are fully cognizant of the logistical challenges for most political parties to crisscross the country in less than 2 months, given the further projected clampdown on freedoms on assembly, movement and speech.


“Our baseline forecast remains that (amid deep popular dissatisfaction) Mr Lungu will win in 2021, but only by further eroding democratic checks and balances. This forecast could easily change if opposition parties agree to form a broad-based coalition.”

While the foregoing projects a PF “victory” BUT only via such gross abuse of the civic and democratic space, it also clearly shows that the opposition alliance, cognizant of their united strength of numbers and resolve, can and will upset this projected PF victory. The projected PF victory is NOT built against a sound respect and adherence to democratic and civil requirements or popularity. A projected PF victory is only envisaged if and when we the Zambian people, as a collective, allow them the time and space to abuse our young democracy to suit their own sadistic, selfserving ambitions.

We must not, we will not, and we shall NOT allow it.


“The run-up to the 2021 legislative and presidential elections will be an especially unstable period, during which a vulnerable government will narrow the political space aggressively and escalate crackdowns.”

A desperate and visibly corrupt PF government will do everything possible to artificially distabilize the social, economic and political environment to enable them justify a brutal crackdown on and against fundamental constitutional and civic rights. They know full well that Zambians, united by such an unprecedented resolve to fight for our country and it’s people, ahead of our political aspirations, will NOT standby and watch this erosion to occur without a robust and firm response against the PF – a party now clearly fighting against the people.


“Another layer of potential risk emanates from the growing influence of China in Zambia’s affairs, with growing suspicion that to get debt relief the government plans to sell off key state assets to China,” EIU stated. “This is not just an abstract concern: in late 2018 the issue caused rioting in the city of Kitwe. As public distrust of the government grows, open dissatisfaction and the administration’s intolerance of criticism will create a volatile mix. Protests could turn violent and, if disorder becomes widespread, extra security powers could come into force.”

There was, has been and still remain a lot of questions and distrust over the manner the PF government have moved to unilaterally seize the assets of a private company without due process. Despite there have been known challenges with the operations of KCM, the PF government, against sound advise from those within the ranks of the opposition – particularly the UPND, went ahead to disrupt KCM operations against all sound tenets of legal and investment environment management.

What now seems clear is that the PF, in trying to offset the gross indebtedness to China, are prepared to sell off our people and suppliers by prematurely taking over KCM and handing it to a proxy of the Chinese government. This fundamentally amounts to the giving away of national assets, being minerals, to China, in exchange for the debt. This must be opposed by all patriotic citizens of our beloved country.


“On international relations, the EIU states that Zambia’s relations with Western donors and multilateral financial institutions will deteriorate.”

A a development partner, the only thing China brings to the table is cheap money, thanks to a heaving regulated Chinese Yuan. China does not bring anything else to the table in respect of the building and maintenance of a sound rule of law and accompanying governance system, sound financial management practices, respect for constitutional and other civic rights. This the Chinese have made very clear. So China, like the perfect vulchers, they will sit by, watch and wait while their money fuels political, social and economic instability and they will only move in to pick the carcass of our once great nation. China does not care whether the debt money they give us goes to crucial public services. They do not care about the rampant government sponsored corruption.

China is here not for Zambia and Zambians. China is here for China and the Chinese.

This is one unilateral relationship we must sober up about. The PF cannot manage this relationship. They have become too compromised. Remember, is it Chinese companies that are building 49 houses for high profile government PEPs.

In conclusion, the PF cannot and will not win the 2021 General Election, unless we the Zambians, allow them the latitude to abuse our young democracy and everything we say we are, for their own selfish gains. This we shall NOT allow.


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