– As Mongu people travel to Limulunga for registration
By Lubinda Namukolo

A check at all registration centres in Mongu has revealed that indeed the PF are trying to win using unconventional methods.

In an interview with BBN this evening, UPND aspiring candidate for Mongu central constituency Lubasi Nalumango disclosed that the PF have managed to stop the voter registration exercise going on in Mongu, the heart of Barotseland in an effort to derail progress in one of the Opposition UPND strongholds.

“All voters registration centers have been abandoned by ECZ staff in pretext that the machines are not working” he said.
Meanwhile People have started traveling to Limulunga which is about 20 kilometers for registration of which it also closes at 18hrs.

Majority of people are stuck in many various registration centers since the ECZ has abandoned the areas.
Independent candidate for Mongu central constituency Hon Lungowe kamuwanga Munalula has also condemned the manner in which the ECZ is behaving by failing to register the people in their respective centers or areas.

“I’m saddened by the manner in which the ECZ staff are operating because the people are failing to be registered as voters. We are calling on ECZ to resolve this issue very fast in an amicable way. There is only four days remaining to go and we need to see that everyone has been captured and registered in Mongu” she said

Meanwhile, in the latest development received by BBN this evening. BBN has been informed that the ECZ this evening at Mongu’s civic center resumed and started issuing voters cards after staying for days without working. -Barotseland Broadcasting Network



  1. It’s high time Zambians took to the streets and rioted. Zambia is bigger than PF. Expressing disappointment is not going to solve anything. Kayabebele

  2. Let them do their evil summersauts, they are going nowhere. In fact these such incidents should make opposition planners work very hard on plan B for August 2021. Nothing will be accepted other than opposition victory.

  3. For the first time in the history of Zambia we have a Government that is behaving like a colonial one, De-franchising the citizens. The questions to ask is very simple. Where do the current Zambian leaders come from? Nyansaland for sure.


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