Prophet Joshua Iginla says Edgar Lungu is dying before 2018 for going against God’s wishes.

The prophet says God revealed this prophecy in 2015 and he warned Edgar Lungu not to go against God.

According to the prophecy released in 2017, Prophet Iginla says he is shocked with the wickedness of President Edgar Lungu and that Zambia will be divided before he dies.

“I said this prophecy in 2015 and 2016, i am repeating it again in 2017, i see the country of Zambia mourning again before 2018. I had a chance to warn the President of that country not to turn against God,” he said.

“I see that country being divided on tribal lines, this is going to be promoted by the party in power, they mean no good to that country, but very soon God is hearing Zambians and all will be well. That country will be taken over by a Christian and will change the lives of people” charged the prophet.

In 2015 and 2016, Prophet Iginla said there is no way Edgar Lungu is going to finish his two term in office after the 2016 General Elections because he was going to kick the bucket.



  1. I’m UPND but this kind of reporting is not good for any of us,who are we to say tht Edgar Lungu has turned away frm GOD? when we ourselvs are not even cross to the ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH,yes we all want E.C.L to perfom to the Zambian people’s expectation bt No we dnt wish him death n stop listening frm thiz “profits” men of doom.Plizz giv us news.

  2. Dear country men nd women,I Hv bn observing Sam thing nd im nw certain dt Satan is goin to kip creating chaos so dt insults kip tekin place amongst pipo of de sem nation….I rebuke u nd yo agents Satan in Christ’s name.wetha tru or false dt de prophet sed it, I dnt cr cz only God hs de final say in ich one of US’s lyf…tek heart nd let nt our hearts b troubled..May God arise nd hs enemiz scatter by thunder by fire nd by force cz we serve th author of tym…..nyt fellow believers.

  3. What sort of people are we that wish someone death so that we can assume office? This is wickedness of the highest order. Shame on you ba Zambian Observer. Where are your editorial ethics? Even that prophet is a fake prophet that he can only prophesy negativity. I am very disappointed with you zambian observer. Differences are there,but to wish someone death, that is an all time low

  4. Those with ears let them hear. Ignore this timely warning at your own peril. Lungu has oppressed people of Zambia by using the police, the courts and his cadres. People are crying and God will surely hear them and act. You don’t become a Christian by kneeling at the tomb of Jesus rather you become one by becoming a new creation; the change of the inner man (heart) 2 Cor 5:17. Lungu is promoting hatred among the people on tribal lines, which is contrary to what God commands us. The bible tells us in 1 John 3:15 that whosoever hates his brother is a murderer and that no murderer will enter the kingdom of God. Let him promote peace and all will be well with him.

  5. i dont believe in prophets but if anybody doesnt want presidential perition heard, then GOD should show HIS mighty, period. SAFIRA lied to the holy spirit, she was struck by GOD. Allow the petition and GOD will have mercy ob you

  6. Let the petition be heard without blocking it or inciting cadres to misbehave. if u meddle in petition, then my prayer is GOD reigns over you, period. Father Bwalya let the petition be heard or GODs wrath will be seen.

  7. Prophets where their and they are still with us, read the Bible and understand even the Kings and rulers of old years where warned by the prophets and it came to pass, so please do not condemn the prophet he just said it, be prayerful God is willing to welcome and forgive all the sinners who comes back to him,in short if Edger Lungu has done long things just advise him to come back to God and repent b4 its to late.

  8. PLEASE, PLEASE, SHOW ME A VIDEO ,WERE THE MAN OF GOD, SPOKE, PROPHET IGINLA IS NOT A MAN OF God to play with. My brother my sister stop ,commenting evil about the man of God, remember last year in he spoke about the elections and it came to pass, stop using him photo for foolish things you evil politicians, the man of God is not a politicians mark that!!!!!!! Ok, plz,play with your wife not a man of God.

  9. love everyone dont creat evil in your heart what you creat it will be for you creat life and happness dont creat dirth and sadness.Lets love every one give chance to Jesus to enter you so that you will learn to love everyone.

  10. We don’t want him to die , we want
    Him to live so that he can see how Zambianse is going to develop in the hands of people who have respect for others. May God protect him nd heal his sickness which takes him to Israel for treatment Amen!.

  11. This is prophet is useless if indeed this is what he dreams,, is a dreamer not a prophet,, Please preach Salvation ,,preach about Jesus Christ, ,by prophesying the death of people will not make people to Repent ..!!

  12. I want to condemn you sons and daughter of the devil who came up with this false story concerning our man of God brother Joshua Iginla. My advice is that do not be borrowed by the devil to fight the ministry and the man God. all the prophecies about Zambia and the president are on champions royal assembly youtube. go there and listen to them. Repent or you will die by fire. He has never said that our president Edgar Lungu will die. He is not dying.


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