We always believed as fixing team that Edgar’s patriotism is not to this nation no wander he could showcase his belly before young girls more than old enough to be his grand children. His actions are evident that his life in Zambia is on count down.

PF borrow without conscious, they steal without an iota of conscious, they use violence to remain in power, they kill and maim at will, steal resources meant to save lives in health sector etc. Which sector have they not touched?
If Jean Kapata could publicly declare that time to eat is now, who else is riding on this notion?

If Edgar is building in Swaziland, where are his ministers and fellow thieves building from? Can we also conclude that he is also preparing a park hence the buffalos he took to Swaziland? How much money have they externalised to secure themselves homes after 2021?
While HH has built his mansion in Zambia Lungu builds in Swaziland.
Who is patriotic to this nation between the two? Who will stay in that mansion? Where did he get funds to build?

Truth be told Edgar does not care whether this country goes on fire or not. We can assure you now and this you will remember, Edgar is a flight risk. For those aiding Edgar to do wrongs like Kanganja, Essau Chulu etc hope you now see how your master will leave you.

We will be publishing evidence to show you where else Edgar and his fellow thieves are building.

The Fixing Team.


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