A consumer of Legana Meat products Luyando Kopakopa has sued the company demanding for damages after consuming their Hangarian sausage, which allegedly appeared to have been packed in a condom.

Ms. Kopakopa, a Medical Student says the alleged used condom also contained some meat which appeared like human flesh.

In her statement of claim filed in the High Court Registry dated July 12, 2019, the plaintiff claims that after consuming the said sausage she developed convulsions, stress and fear and ultimately she vomited excessively.

Ms. Kopakopa wants damages for tortious liability arising from consumption of hungarian sausage allegedly produced by Legana Meat Products.

Meanwhile, Proprietor of Legana Meat Products Edith Nawakwi says she will sue the people spreading falsehoods on social media that Legana sausages contain human flesh.

Ms. Nawakwi said she has since reported Erick Ng’andu and Luyando Kopakopa to the police for spreading falsehoods that Legana sausages contains human flesh.

She lamented that the past 48 hours have been the most agonising in her life after a video went viral that Legana sausages contains human flesh.

And Ms. Nawakwi said her business is still afloat despite the negative publicity and has thanked her customers for remaining loyal.

She has since challenged Erick Ng’andu and Luyando Kopakopa to report to the police.

And the Lusaka City Council through the Department of Public Health has revealed that Legana Hungarian Sausage does not contain any foreign particles.

On 7th August, 2019, the Department of Public Health received a complaint from Erick Ng’andu that he found a “condom” like foreign matter in the alleged Legana sausage.

LCC Public Relations Manager George Sichimba said the analysis was done and the results revealed that there was no evidence of foreign matter identified in the sausage.






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