Antonio Mwanza writes:

The Secretary General Hon.Davies Mwila wishes to announce the appointment of Mr.Edwin Lifwekelo as Deputy PF Media Director.

Mr.Lifwekelo is a renowned political and media practitioner and will bring value to the work of the Patriotic Front.


We wish to congratulate Comrade Lifwekelo and welcome him to the Secretariat.



  1. Ba PF, you are bringing a sick person as Deputy spokes person sure.
    he is on medication. Don t stress him, he is already stressed, worn out, under malnutrition and surcustic.What is going on ba PF? this curse (ichisomo) tachiweme, fyakuifwaila.God is punishing you!

  2. Finally the man has been given a job by PF. That is what he has been fighting for. Even if f PF sinks he will be assured of an income from this position


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