THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says it has drawn a roadmap for activities leading to the 2021 General Elections.

In a statement, ECZ Public Relations Manager Margaret Chimanse said the Commission will this year, conduct Voter Registration from 19th October to 20th November, 2020 and that all eligible citizens will be required to register in the 2020 Voter Registration exercise.

She said ECZ has also provided for pre-registration of voters, where eligible citizens will start the process by submitting their details online and later be required to physically visit the registration centres to have their biometric data captured and voters cards issued to them.

“The 2020 Voter Registration exercise will be based on the 2019 delimitation, which facilitated the creation of new polling stations and wards,” Chimanse said.

She said after the Voter Registration exercise, the Commission will consolidate all the data captured and produce a Provisional Register of Voters, which citizens will inspect from 29th March to 2nd April, 2021.

” The Inspection of the Register of Voters will be followed by the certification of the Register by the Commission on the 9th of May, 2021 in readiness for the Nominations, which will take place from 17th May to 21st May, 2021,” she added.

She further said the Campaign period will run from 24th May, 2021 to 11th August, 2021.

And Chimanse said the Commission is working tirelessly to ensure that the all the activities are conducted in time for the General Election whose date cannot be changed as it is enshrined in the Constitution.



  1. To all eligible Zambians, please get your NRCs and your voter’s card so that you can participate in choosing leaders who can restore good governance and democracy in Zambia in 2021. The period scheduled by ECZ for voter registration is tight so please try to ensure as many eligible voters as possible get voters cards. For those without NRCs, now is the time to obtain the NRCs in readiness for voter registration which has just been reduced to 30 days by the ECZ.

  2. By the way doesn’t the ECZ know that choosing to conduct Voter Registration from 19th October to 20th November, 2020 will coincide with the rainy season? Some areas may even be difficult to access with the onset of rains while farmers will also be busy. It seems the ECZ is deliberately trying to limit the number of people who will register as voters. Why does the ECZ make such plans which don’t take into account that it is more difficult to attract people to register as voters during the rainy season??


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